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Max Studennikoff, Founder and Chief Executive Director of the CC Forum for

The Founder and Chief Executive Director of the CC Forum, in a talk about the 3rd consecutive edition of the summit and what to expect in 2019.


The 3rd edition of the CC Forum is fast approaching. As a Founder and Chief Executive Director of the event, could you please share what makes the CC Forum unique, and which are the main topics you are going to stress on this year?


This year we are focusing on the emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AiT and Big Data, as well as Cryptocurrencies. CC Forum has been known in the space as a global platform where people from polar opposite opinions could get together and discuss the existential issues in the industry and beyond. Our duels (one-on-one and two-on-two Mainstage debates) have become the epitome of this pluralism of opinions. This year we have two heavyweights coming to London and clashing head to head – Nouriel Roubini versus Roger Ver – in the duel called “Will the Cryptocurrencies Fail or Succeed?”. We also have a heated panel discussion on the Flaw in the Global Centralized Financial System involving Roubini, Brock Pierce, Bobby Lee, members of the British and European Parliament. This promises to be exciting.

However, it is not only context that makes us unique. Unlike any other Blockchain event we have our unique Investor’s Hub – a gathering of 25 biggest family offices, investment funds and venture capital firms actively investing in Blockchain and AI with a whopping 50 billion dollar under management, and so startups will have a rare opportunity to approach the decision makers in situ by way of speed dating. We also have a buzzing exhibition show and STARTUP CITY – a special area for 100+ selected startups where they will have an opportunity to freely exhibit in small stands provided once they complete the relevant form and conform with our criteria. We are still receiving applications from eager startups, welcome to inquire about our selection procedure.

We have a Pitching Contest with a confirmed prize draw of 50 000 pounds provided by one of our sponsors, terms and conditions applied for participation.

Last, but not least, we hold our traditional black-tie Awards Gala celebrating the major achievements in the industry.

Passes can be purchased on our website.


How AI-friendly is the Blockchain technology? Shall we expect many Blockchain companies to start implementing AI to their solutions?


Well, AI has been around for quite some time, at least a few decades, and has indeed seen a sharp rise over the past few years. This can be attributed to the apparition of a brand new technology – Blockchain. It is safe to assume now that the two go together and can be considered as complimentary. And it is the time now for big tech corporations and small companies alike to cotton on to who to integrate both in their development not to be missed out.


Will and how BREXIT may affect the Crypto and Blockchain industry in the UK?


In my opinion, Brexit will not affect Blockchain or indeed Crypto in any other way than it will all other areas of fintech. It is rather about the UK and London in particular retaining the pace of allegedly the financial hub of the world. It’s about history in the making.


For a wrap up, could you please describe the CC Forum in one word and what outcome do you expect for the third edition?


CC Forum is THE event for global transformers, for movers and shakers. It is a bridge between startups and investors, for policy makers and market players. It is a place for anyone who considers oneself to be a part of the industry.

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