Another leading conference organizer in the business sector is Beacon Events. It is an event organizer that holds exhibitions, networking, and marketing programs similar to the popular fiat and Bitcoin conferences. The events tackle the updates and challenges faced by the members of this industry, including the growing market for Bitcoin casinos. Each conference focuses on market […]

The leading gaming and entertainment exhibition in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. The event is business oriented and provides opportunities for commercial contacts and presentations of products for the leisure, gaming, and entertainment industry as well as technology products for optimizing operational, management, and control processes. BEGE welcomes manufacturers, vendors, operators and representatives from the […]

The blockchain revolution has caused the surfacing of a lot of event organizers that now host events centered on the distributed-ledger technology. But among these companies, Blackarrow Conferences stands out. It is because it provides participants with first-hand information about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The company was founded in 2010 with the goal of […]

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Crypto Invest Summit holds the largest conference on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. The company, sponsored by Hashgraph, Dreamteam, and Secruitize, among others, makes sure that its event will cover all the relevant topics in the crypto space. Participants around the globe attend Crypto Invest Summit’s conference because of its well-researched presentations, fruitful discussions, and […]

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d10e, a numeronym for decentralization, hosts events on Fintech and blockchain technology. Since 2014, it has conducted grand conferences in different parts of the world, such as Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Singapore, among others. The events organized by the company always feature relevant presentations and engaging networking parties. In most of these affairs, there is usually […]

The most prestigious forum in Eastern Europe that gathers representatives of international organizations from the gaming industry, as well as regulators, operators, manufacturers, gaming attorneys, professionals, and all interested in keeping pace with the changing gaming standards and marketing perspectives in Eastern Europe and the region. Join us for EEGS’s 10th anniversary: 20-22 November 2017, […]

Eventus International is a professional event organizer based in Hong Kong and South Africa. Known globally as an independent company, it produces gaming conferences and exhibitions that cater the gaming industry. Entering the market in 2013, Eventus takes pride in its highly anticipated events that gather together software and technology companies, casino operators, payment solution […]

Global Blockchain Foundation (GBF) is a non-profit organization that aspires to build a sustainable blockchain community by actively promoting global awareness and adoption of the distributed-ledger technology by multiple sectors and external stakeholders. GBF offers the best platform for international governments, industries, corporation, start-ups, and civil societies. It does so by holding multinational conferences, workshops, […]

Training sessions and business conferences are the main services that IMNBI can provide you with. This company was founded in 2010 and is now working with 10 established industry sectors. The company focuses on logistics, government, healthcare, petrochemicals, warehousing, construction, architecture, oil, and gas. With the mission of providing satisfaction toward its clients, this company has […]

Businessmen, investors, and even world-leading industry experts come together to attend the events hosted by Luxatia International. The conferences organized by this company provide guests with strategies and solutions to improve the business sector. Local and international attendees anticipate the company’s conventions prepared through a series of thorough market research and analysis.  The company makes […]

Quest Events has been giving companies events that are timely and relevant since 2012. This event organizer is popular for its conferences, training seminars, and exhibitions. With the firm’s goal of providing participants with the best services, attendees can expect a convention of the highest standard. The conferences by Quest Events make sure that participants […]

Sixdegrees plays an integral role in the digital industry. It is both an online publishing company and a dynamic, entrepreneurial events firm that specializes in the media, telecoms, and technology marketplace. Its main function is to produce events that center on digital and social marketing. This company takes pride in its conferences and exhibitions held […]

Smile-Expo is a company that focuses on creating business events. It has been providing its clients with updates about the global innovations, markets, and information about the business sector. It handles events like exhibitions, conferences, forums, webinars, and workshops. As of this writing, the company also focuses on affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, 3D technology, and robotics. […]

The European Summit is an event organizer that aims to give affiliates and businessmen networking opportunities. Since the company believes that interpersonal relationships are important for the business sector to succeed, it holds conferences, expos, and even a hospitality day. Participants can expect speed presentation sessions, expert-to-expert panels, seminar tracks, and product presentations led by […]

Big CIO Show, World Blockchain Summit, and World AI Show are just some of the successful events hosted by Trescon. This global event organizer creates conferences and exhibitions for individuals, government groups, and corporations. The company is composed of experts from different industries. Creating high-quality business platforms through road shows, training sessions, and expos is […]

Developers, software engineers, digital officers, project managers, and investors are all invited to attend this year’s Unlock Blockchain. Now that Dubai has plans to implement and develop the blockchain ecosystem, this event will provide you will all the details that you need to know about blockchain. The event will be on January 14-15, 2018 at […]

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