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Ukraine Legalizing Cryptocurrency

Ukrainian officials state the country will legalize Cryptocurrencies. So let's take a look at some of the best Crypto platforms in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government plans to legalize Cryptocurrency, according to Ligamedia. Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Deputy Minister Alexander Bornyakov commented that Cryptocurrencies are not legal at the moment and the legalization will certainly benefit Ukraine, especially in relation to taxes. According to the Minister: “People dealing with this (Cryptocurrency) should get out of the gray zone and start paying taxes.”

In the future, he sees Ukraine being able to “earn from cryptocurrency traders” as well.

This step is one of many to make the Ukranian government accessible like going on your Facebook or Twitter. According to government officials this interaction must be “convenient and un-intrusive… so that when you (interact) with the state, you feel comfortable, just like (when) you order Uber, Booking or Airbnb.”

As part of the road to digitalizing the government, Kiev will also transfer all registries and documents to a public distributed ledger which is managed by the government itself.

When talking about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain in Ukraine, this becomes a great opportunity to talk briefly about three of their best Crypto and Blockchain platforms and services:

DreamTeam is an eSports and Gaming recruitment platforms using Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Its transparency allows players, managers, and others to connect. They claim that activities such as sponsorships, media right sales, and prize money are available. Their CEO Alexander Kokhanovskyy has admirable experience in the iGaming industry.

JetSpecie is a Blockchain space launch services for spacecraft and constellations. Space launch services businesses use JetSpecie tokens. Users can take advantage of these tokens to invest in space launch projects. Their CEO Sergey Kutovoy has 20-years of experience in the aerospace business, with mechanical engineering background.

Oleksii Kratko’s allows marketers to generate lists of email addresses from domain names, to find the email of a person on LinkedIn and verify it as well as to view detailed company profiles. They offer a Chrome Extension to make it even easier. They have a subscription based model with different plans. Big names in their clients list include Uber, SoundCloud and Oracle.

The Ukrainian Crypto climate never looked so promising but the issue within the legalization is that every one of those projects will have to take their business to the government and respond accordingly by paying taxes. This is one of the reasons why people use Cryptocurrencies in the first place in order to avoid the cons of fiat currencies. On the other hand, recognizing digital assets as valuable is a big step for the community surrounding them. Time is going to tell how the new changes are going to affect Ukraine and the government.

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