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Postmates and Bitcoin Rewards Unite

Showcasing some of the most popular recent partnerships with Bitcoin rewards happening. Commentary by co-founder of Bitcoin rewards firm Lolli, Alex Adelman

Bitcoin awards become a very common partnership add-on with different companies. One of the partnerships is between the crypto exchange bitFlyer and the technology company Tpoint Japan. Customers in participating locations can earn loyalty points for paying with Bitcoin and they can actually exchange the points for Bitcoin.

Tpoint explains in a recent announcement that customers of Tpoint are around 69.61 million people. There is “T-POINT Program” which lets users to exchange T-points for JPY 85 in Bitcoin. People who have the bitFlyer wallet and pay in BTC will have one T-point for fiat currency of BTC spent.

The announcement states:

“As part of our mission of “Making the world simpler with blockchain,” we will continue to contribute to the further development of a sound virtual currency industry”.

Their goal is to provide these points for the people and to connect them within society.

Lolli and Postmates

Another good partnership is between the Bitcoin rewards firm Lolli and the food delivery service giants Postmates. Postmates is a massive platform that serves around 2,940 US cities and has access to around 250,000 merchants.

The offer from the companies is for every user that’s placed an order on Postmates to receive around USD 2,25 worth of Bitcoin and the new users to get USD 18 for a first order. Because of the exciting news, there is a special deal that customers can get 10,000 satoshis (USD 1), 25,000 satoshis, or 100,000 satoshis from a Postmates order through Lolli.

As the CEO and co-founder of Lolli, Alex Adelman says is that this partnership is the just one of many steps for crypto adoption worldwide. Their aim is to “make bitcoin a part of people’s everyday lives. Our partnership with Postmates achieves this. Everybody eats and now you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering in when you’re stacking sats on each order.”

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