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First Blockchain Ever Entering the .NET Foundation

NEO, a decentralized open source Blockchain application platform, becomes the .NET Foundation’s first Blockchain partner. Read now.

The popular Microsoft open-source foundation .NET Foundation warmly welcomed NEO (formerly Antshares), opening its doors to a Blockchain company for the first time ever. What NEO does best is utilizing Blockchain technology and digital identities for digitizing assets. It also automates the management of digital assets with smart contracts. NEO uses a distributed network for creating a “Smart Economy”.

The platform was founded in 2014 and open sourced on GitHub in June 2015.

NEO showed a preview of its Blockchain Toolkit during the .NET Conference, which included dApps such as Smart contract debugger, Neo Express, Visual DevTracker and others.

As stated in NEO’s press release, John deVadoss, Head of Neo Global Development (NGD) Seattle, remarked that:

“As the first Blockchain project to join the .NET Foundation, we’re excited to come together based on our shared commitment to open-source, to developers, and to world-wide community collaboration. Based on our shared core values and principles, I am confident that this partnership will accelerate developer innovation to drive mass adoption of Blockchain and build the foundation for next-gen Internet.”

According to NEO, with this milestone they have accomplished the beginning of a new era for Blockchain adoption. NEO and the .NET Foundation are ready to embrace and develop the foundation for a next generation developer community.

NEO Blockchain will have a major upgrade to Neo 3.0 in the second quarter of 2020, stated by CoinTelegraph.

In Erik Zhang’s words, Neo co-founder and core developer, the update is much needed because a number of architectural improvements to Neo’s performance are not entirely up-to-date with its current Blockchain.

Microsoft is famous for its appetite toward the Blockchain technology, having it integrated into its Microsoft Azure cloud computing service for apps and dApps development.

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