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EOSBet and 9 Other Top EOS DApps That Crypto Enthusiasts will Love

Check out these 10 decentralized applications developed on the EOS blockchain that are currently topping the charts in the overall dApps market.

Even though its Mainnet is only months old, EOS is currently the dominating smart contracts blockchain network.

Those in the online cryptocurrency community have recognized the capability of EOS to handle a huge number of transactions, significantly more than the number of processes the original smart contracts platform Ethereum—its most famous competitor—can facilitate.

That performance discrepancy is the most compelling reason why many developers decided to build their decentralized applications (dApps) on the EOS blockchain.

On EOS, their dApps would be able to handle huge transactions in just a short period, which is currently impossible on Ethereum and other smart contracts platforms.

Here are ten of the top EOS dApps everyone should definitely not miss out on:

#1 EOS Poker

EOS PokerEOS Poker is an online casino dApp where bettors can play either blackjack or three card. They can use these tokens as wagers on their games—EOS, EOS Poker (POKER), BetDice (DICE), Teleport (TPT), and MEET.ONE (MEETONE). Because EOS Poker is running on the EOS blockchain, players can verify the fairness of the game results on the immutable ledger.

#2 Dice

DICEAnother online casino dApp, Dice offers several types of blockchain-based betting games that are also fair and transparent. Players can place wagers on dice, baccarat, sic bo, blackjack, lucky draw, and lottery. In addition, Dice has a crypto exchange where players can trade their EOS tokens for other cryptos, including the DICE and EUSD coins.

#3 PRA CandyBox

ProChainDeveloped by advertising blockchain ProChain, PRA CandyBox offers cryptos that dApp users can simply collect like candies. Users can claim on this dApp ProChain’s EOS-PRA (EPRA) and ADD (ADD) tokens every day. The number of times a user can collect his “candies” per day depends on the amount of EPRA he has pledged on the PRA CandyBox. After gathering his free tokens, the user can exchange them for EOS and other cryptos on the dApp itself.

#4 EOSBet Casino

EOSbetRecognizing the limitations of the Ethereum network, developers of EOSBet Casino have recently moved the much-loved online casino dApp to the more capable EOS blockchain. Currently, EOSBet offers only dice and crash games. However, the team behind this dApp promised to add baccarat in the near future.

Players can feel safe playing in this casino. Aside from being transparent due to it being blockchain-based, EOSBet is licensed by Curacao eGaming—the first EOS crypto casino to receive one.

#5 EOS Knights

EOS KnightsBada Studio created the first-ever EOS-based mobile game in the form of EOS Knights, a role-playing game wherein smart contracts run every action the player performs. In this game, the player can collect materials and craft them to make his knights stronger. Moreover, the player can trade his materials and crafted items for EOS tokens in the market, and vice versa.

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#6 Everipedia

EveripediaA portmanteau of everything and encyclopedia, the EOS-based Everipedia is considered as the largest English encyclopedia online with more than six million entries available, rivaling Wikipedia. The community is incentivized for contributing and participating in the maintenance of encyclopedia entries with IQ tokens, which holders can use in network governance.

#7 Endless Game

Endless GameWishing to “create a virtual arcade that brings back all the fun,” Endless Game shares its profits to its loyal players. Simply by owning Endless Tokens (ET), holders can expect to receive their respective shares daily on this decentralized gaming platform. Like every other online casino dApp, Endless Game offers truly random, fair, and transparent games like dice, crash, lottery, and its own World War Endless title.

#8 Karma

KARMAKarma rewards its users for doing good deeds to others in the real world. Users can post on the Karma dApp visual evidence of when they helped those in need and receive KARMA tokens (KARMA) in return. Others can act as validators of the posted evidence, and they will also receive KARMA for their work. Meanwhile, KARMA can also be sent by one account to the other.

#9 iDice


Not to be confused with the Ethereum dApp of the same name, iDice is an EOS dApp that also features a dice game. This online casino mainly caters to a Chinese-speaking audience, given that the site is initially available only in that language. As is common in blockchain-based online casinos, players can verify for themselves that their games on iDice are truly random and fair.


DEXEOSLaunched on August 1, 2018, DEXEOS is the first decentralized crypto exchange built on the EOS blockchain. On this platform, token holders can trade their EOS-based tokens for other tokens of the same nature. Moreover, traders are spared from arduous Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes as DEXEOS does not ask for the clients’ personal information. Thanks to the impressive processing capability of the EOS blockchain, trades on DEXEOS are extremely fast.

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