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You Can Track Your Coffee with a Blockchain App

Tracking where your coffee beans originate from was not so easy. Blockchain solves this problem, as the app Thank My Farmer is created. Read now.

On the 6th of January The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Farmer Connect, and IBM announced a Blockchain app that lets consumers learn more about the coffee they buy.

The founder and president of the tracking organization Farmer Connect, David Behrends stated to Cointelegraph that the app is called “Thank My Farmer”. It is said to give customers a map to showcase the journey their coffee beans have, until they reach their final packaged form. This is done by scanning a QR-code:

“After scanning a QR-code, consumers are taken straight to a product page that gives details about the coffee they are drinking. Below that description is an interactive map that shows the journey the coffee has taken. We say you can travel the world through a cup of coffee, and we’d like to help consumers visualize that.”

The application is using IBM’s technology which makes the tracking of the coffee easier and more approachable.

How does the app work?

The IBM’s Worldwide Blockchain Leader Paul Chang said that each user in the Thank You My Farmer network has copies of transaction data. This way every addition to the blocks is considered throughout the entire network.

The application lets retailers, wholesalers, traders, and farmers to interact and provide insights about where the world’s favorite coffee products come from.

Behrends stated that customers can see from end to end where the coffee bean farms are located, and how coffee beans are processed before going to the shops.

He says:

 “If we have geolocation of farmers, those farms will appear on the map. If we don’t have this information, we show the steps the coffee underwent. For instance, coffee starts off as a cherry, the beans get taken out of the cherry and are washed and dried. Each step is performed in different segments before the product goes to ports of export and import. Consumers can click on the interactive map to learn more about how coffee has been sourced, traveled and transformed.”

According to Thank My Farmer app creators, the application will be live at the start of 2020.

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