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Healthcare meets Kadena in a Decentralized Fashion

A Blockchain company Kadena goes right into healthcare as to decentralize and track pharmaceutical, healthcare products, and companies.

Have you heard about the company Kadena?

Kadena has a public Blockchain which is a Proof of Work system that runs a protocol called Chainweb that offers high security and throughput. Its network aims to conjoin private Blockchains, public applications and other chains at once. This way traffic will be driven to a high-bandwidth computer at the centre of Kadena public chain.

There is an official use case for it and it is in the form of a tracking platform for Cannabidiol (CBD) oil. The platform is expected to launch on the 15th of January 2020 after Kadena’s smart contract has all functions.

This project is just one of the few steps of Kadena towards the healthcare industry as the company’s CEO Will Martino comments in an interview.

He elaborated:

“We have much greater visions that include putting together a much larger healthcare data marketplace,”

As Kadena has in mind, a partnership with Raleigh, N.C.-based Rymedi, a firm that executes data services for healthcare, pharmacy and life-science corporations. This way both companies can provide excellent record-keeping, entirely for the benefit of drug approval process with the FDA.

Clients can look through production records with just a simple QR code scan of products.

Kadena comments:

“This validates purchasing and authenticity, especially useful in geographies and industries where fraud and quality concerns remain potentially life-threatening issues,”

Earlier this year Rymedi became part of the FDA-approved consortium to study Blockchain for tracking different prescription drugs in some US states.

David Stefanich, Rymedi’s CEO stated:

“With their deep experience in financial markets and transaction data, Kadena is a uniquely aligned partner for us,”

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