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Ethereum Artwork Museum is on the Horizon

There is space for Bitcoin art, as well. Read our latest article about some fantastic art works and Bitcoin artists right now.

Lovers of the art, there is an Ethereum-based virtual museum on the rise.

The museum called “Cryptovoxels” is made by the Bitcoin artist “Bnoiit.c”. Many questions can spring up like what is this museum for?

There is a very good reasoning behind it. The museum makes sure that censored art is basically kept for the online audience. This way censorship is completely removed even in artworks.

An example is a Bitcoin mural this summer made by a French street artist which was destroyed by French authorities earlier in the year.

The museum tells a tale of one mural. A piece of artwork considered as a crime. It was a modern-day reworking of “La Liberté guidant le peuple” by the French artist Eugène Delacroix. The artwork was created for honoring the anniversary of the Bitcoin’s Genesis Block and it recast people who stood against King Charles X as “Gilets Jaunes” or the so-called Yellow Vest protestors.

This mural was extremely special as it had a 0.284 BTC bounty which was meant to be found and it stood in front of the mural. Something like a treasure hunt.

The mural was painted over one month after it was created.

Now the art piece is tokenized as a digital asset and split in non-fungible 100 ETH-based tokens which can be acquired and sold via the marketplace OpenSea. The mural fragments can be displayed on bought land pieces on Cryptovoxels, as such pieces can be traded and acquired on the OpenSea platform.

More crypto art

Last year, as reported by Cointelegraph, there was a crypto art auction in which users could own small fractions of 14 Small Electric Chairs by Andy Warhol.

Another artist Andy Bauch has created puzzle crypto artworks which contain private keys to wallets with cryptocurrencies worth over thousands of dollars.

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