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Tron’s CEO Delists DigiByte from Poloniex

There is some Poloniex and Tron disruption along the crypto community with comments from CEOs and Digibyte criticism towards Poloniex and Tron.

The crypto exchange Poloniex that was recently acquired by the CEO of Tron (TRX) Justin Sun announced DigiByte’s delisting a little while after Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte criticized both of Sun’s businesses.

Poloniex got back to the DigiByte founder with the following quote:

“BTW, after careful review, we decided #DigiByte is not qualified for our listing standard. We will delist $DGB soon. Details to be announced,” the exchange replied to the founder.

Some time before the big announcement, Tate had already posted his criticism towards Poloniex and Tron:

“I’m disgusted by all these Tron trolls/bots attacking me & hyping a 100% premined & completely centralized network like it’s the most decentralized gift from god. Now Poloniex has turned into a TRX shill factory after making off w/ US customers sensitive data,”

There were several of his comments on the case that followed this:

“Extremely misleading platforms like #TRON masquerading under the flag of #decentralization.”

“Nothing about Tron is unique other than a few gambling apps and the marketing hype and paid Twitter bots. They even copied most of the white paper.”

“And then @CircleApp sold #Poloniex to Sun. I am royally pissed my personal data, my friends and family’s data and other US #DigiByte customers most sensitive data is now in the hands of this circus that is now #Poloniex. Or the $TRX shill factory as we should now call it.”

Community reactions

There were some reactions from fellow members of the crypto community.

@teddycleps commented on Twitter:

“Imagine delisting a coin just because its founder spoke “badly” about you – this industry in a nutshell,”

The Chief Strategy Officer Meltem Demirors of CoinShares commented that “exchanges are privately owned companies and are under no obligation to list or trade any asset.”

Another comment was from the Bitcoin enthusiast and developer Udi Wertheimer who stated that “Poloniex was a completely irrelevant exchange up until a few months ago. No one remembered it existed.”

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