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Igniting Business with CoinGeek Conference 2020

CoinGeek Conferences gather some of the biggest BSV enthusiasts from all around the world to discuss BSV's possibilities and options. Read now.

Have you considered implementing BSV into your projects?

Have you searched for a good BSV platform to share ideas?

CoinGeek Conferences provide a world-class platform for networking opportunities, knowledge sharing and BSV discussion. Industry leaders and experts in leading Blockchain and cryptocurrency projects gather to discuss Bitcoin SV and all of its opportunities and developments.

This year London is hosting the CoinGeek conference on the 20 and 21st February.

CoinGeek events let their attendees experience the Satoshi Vision like never before with all of the creative and dynamic energy that surrounds all BSV ecosystem supporters.

Some of the most inspiring ideas can be found at CoinGeek this year, as BSV Blockchain continues to disrupt and transform FinTech, enterprise and technology.

Every conference is an opporutunity for startups, crypto mining operators, policymakers, academics and investors to dive deep into all tech capabilities of the BSV Blockchain.

BSV Blockchain is known for its fantastic massive scalability and hundreds of use cases. Its powers are able to ignite every business, as the CoinGeek 2020 motto states.

There are a couple of reasons why you should attend CoinGeek Conference London this year:

–        You can meet and chat with Dr.Craig S. Wright himself.

–        You can get inspired by the most fascinating minds in the Fintech and Blockchain industry.

–        You can network with Bitcoin and Blockchain innovators and developers.

–        You can be part of the fourth industrial revolution as Bitcoin SV moves towards mass adoption.

–        You can discover new ways to implement BSV into your Blockchain projects and applications.


You can check the CoinGeek website for more information and content on the upcoming conference right from your comfy couch at home. Click here for more CoinGeek Conference London 2020.


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