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3 Key Facts About the New Vote History Tool Released for Lisk (LSK) Holders

TonyT908 from has released the new Vote History online tool that visitors can use to search for vote history on the Lisk network.

On October 15, has released Vote History, a new tool that cryptocurrency Lisk (LSK) owners and followers can use.

Lisk is a decentralized network where users can build their own customized sidechains and create blockchain applications.

True to its name, the online tool allows interested Lisk enthusiasts to search for individual vote histories based on specifications set by the user.

The Vote History tool would be helpful for potential voters to research before staking their LSK coins. Here are three things to know about’s new tool.

1 | It Offers Several Search Criteria

The tool offers a number of criteria visitors can use to refine their search.

Users can choose what type of vote they are looking for, whether it is the number of added votes, removed votes, or both. They can also decide the period in time when Vote History will conduct its search.

In addition, users can input the exact voter address and the delegate’s name. Searchers can also feed the account with a range of vote weight as another criterion.

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2 | It Spouts Detailed Search Results

Vote History will display three groups that convey information in relation to the criteria provided by the user. The groups contain the search parameters defined by the user, followed by the total number of votes found, and the weight of these votes.

Moreover, a more comprehensive list of searched addresses will appear below the three groups. One entry on this list includes what the voter’s address is, what his voting weight is, and when he added or removed its vote.

3 | It is Just One of Many Tools on Lisk.Support

This tool is the tenth currently listed on the website created by TonyT908. The portfolio on the website includes Lisk Chainanalysis, Lisk Richlist, Lisk Excel, and Lisk Total Payouts, among others.

TonyT908 is a United States resident who holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education as well as Master’s Degrees in Exercise Science and Software Engineering. He is listed on the website as the one who maintains’s nodes, apart from being the tools back-end developer.

Since the Lisk network uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus algorithm, the platform needs 101 delegates elected by LSK holders to maintain and secure the blockchain. These representatives earn the right to generate and validate blocks.

Delegates receive LSK tokens through block rewards. At the same time, voters receive a percentage of the tokens earned by the delegates they voted for.

As of October 17, LSK is currently trading at US$3.23 against the US dollar, 7.42 percent up compared with yesterday’s price.

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