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Top 5 Crypto and Blockchain Startups for Q3 2019

Are you planning on investing in a startup? Do you know the latest Crypto & Blockchain startups for Q3 2019? will walk you through its top 5.

As Crypto and Blockchain are getting more refined and fine-tuned by industry specialists, startups in 2019 are using this fast-paced advancement in their own advantage. When compared to 2017, when the emergence of fraudsters loomed on every corner, 2019 definitely shed light on what the ideal startups should look like. has handpicked the projects based on different criteria, such as field of work, headquarters, tokens brief, bonus programs, team information, and year of founding. always stays up-to-date and has the external point of view that’s needed for a good recap of the industry. We wish all the best to the mentioned startups and would love to see them grow even further.


Azbit’s main goal is to meet the needs of Crypto traders and Crypto investors, as well as connecting the worlds of the traditional finance and Cryptocurrencies. They solve problems in the finance sector, such as high fees and lack of transparency, as well as covering common Cryptocurrency issues. The best way to describe the platform is through the words of’s CEO Roger Ver, also known as “the Bitcoin Jesus”, advisor for Azbit:

“Azbit has everything required for a successful launch: a strong team, a reliable business model, payment institution license, and, most importantly, the exciting prospect of bringing something new to the world of finance.”

One of the exciting news around the platform is that they signed a partnership agreement with

Azbit offers a token named AZ. The AZ token, which is Ethereum based, has a value of around USD 0,00012 at the time of writing. It is used for paying banking fees, marketplace products, and many more. The bonus system on the platform has silver, gold and platinum statuses depending on the number of purchased tokens.

The company is founded in 2018 in Tallin, and the team consists of experts who have the knowledge and experience for such a huge and serious project.


Blockstack is a public benefit corporation headquartered in New York. They are at the heart of the Blockstack ecosystem.

Interesting fact about Blockstack is that they gained 50 M$ in funding with more than 7,000 developers and enthusiasts. There are currently more than 100 apps launched on Blockstack. It was founded in 2013 at Princeton.

After four years of research and development, they have released their full-stack computing platform that can present Blockchain-based apps, also known as dApps, to millions of users today.

Stacks (STX) token is the token of the Blockstack network. Stacks tokens are fueling the network when users register usernames and when they register or execute smart contracts.

The team consists of scientists and PhDs with two advisors, experts in distributed systems, building and testing smart contracts, Cryptocurrency mining, developer education, and community building, as well as deep legal and finance experts to ensure compliance in a new and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Some of their research have been published at USENIX ATC, and DCCL.

Exciting news from Blockstack is that they raised more than 20 million dollars in a token sale on 10th September 2019. Blockstack co-founder Muneeb Ali commented on the matter:

“More than 4,500 individuals and entities participated in the 2019 token offerings, Blockstack PBC has entered into agreements for more than $23M in these offerings (including both our SEC-qualified token offering and our offering to investors outside the United States made under Regulation S).”


Founded in Toronto, Ontario in 2011, DexAge is a P2P platform where traders and investors are not on the side but in the heart and soul of the platform. The growing and developing of DXG is within the hands of its stakeholders. They have the opportunity to use the multipurpose functions of the DexAge token. By using this type of hybrid exchange, users can stake, vote, pay and manage their assets. The P2P transactions at the DXG platform, either for trading or lending, will be managed by escrow services providing secure smart contracts.

What’s unique about the platform, though? The mix between a distributed Blockchain and a decentralized social web.

The future in DexAge’s eyes is a financial system that allows their members to manage money without an intermediary. The token is named DXG and is ERC-20 compatible. Their team is consisted of experts in all fields of work, such as finance, IT, B2B sales, and content. They have relevant education and many years of experience needed for such P2P platform to be successful, safe, and expanding.


The idea behind creating Freldo is to connect representatives of small businesses and their customers on one platform. Freldo provides great opportunities for its users, such as searching new contacts for communication and business while developing and expanding effective marketing with minimal investment. Providing different ways to earn money with access anywhere in the world is another service the platform provides. Freldo Inc. is founded in Toronto, Canada in 2011 and in 2016 launched its network. They have around 40,000 live clients.

Freldo’s goal is starting revolution in the way services are presented by taking Blockchain to the business-client communication. In this way, small businesses are being provided with large companies’ instruments.

One of the aims is to minimize fraud reviews, very common when it comes to the whole spectrum of services. Their token FRECNX is used between clients and businesses. Users are also paid Airdrop rewards for bringing in new people to Freldo. The team is filled to the brim with financial and Blockchain experts. The project was founded in Vaughan, Ontario in 2011.


Wink is a platform that strives for changing the way developers adopt the Blockchain ecosystem by managing a whole giant mining ecosystem. This is done by distributing wealth at its core. Traditional apps will have all the resources needed by giving behavioral mining a bit of a kick with converting themselves to the TRON Blockchain. Wink has a mission to become Blockchain’s premium gaming platform for people to play, chat, and put stakes up across a lot of Blockchain ecosystems. A WIN token is planned to go live on the platform. Players will be able to become stakeholders as they watch the platform go on its way to becoming the biggest decentralized Blockchain gaming experience. Games will have verified smart contracts and allow users to keep full custody of their funds. Users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing name-brand games. Developers will form partnerships with the platform. There will be added social features and exclusive events to engage with the community. The team is quite global and interesting. 3 out of 11 team members have gaming and product management experience. Other 4 are Blockchain experts.

We ranked our top favorite startups and now it’s time for you to rank yours or just comment down below which is your number one startup for Q3 2019 and why.

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