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Mine on The Go with Mobile Cryptocurrencies

Mining on your mobile has never been easier. Read more about the Pi Network, Minergate and other mining apps.

The Pi Network is a unique Cryptocurrency that people can mine from their phone. Any time, any day more than 500,000 users mine the Pi Crypto.

Back in 14th March, Nicolas Kokkalis Ph.D, Chengdiao Fan Ph.D., Vince McPhilip M.B.A. and Aurelien Schiltz launched the Pi Network and Cryptocurrency.

With every transaction that people make, there are intermediaries involved such as banks or additional financial services often put boundaries on transactions with fees that put off customers but there is not other way to avoid such circumstances.

The Pi Network, inspired by Bitcoin, aims to change the way finance is handled nowadays in a much easier and accessible way, making Bitcoin mobile-friendly and social Cryptocurrency.

Chengdiao Fan said:

“Cryptocurrency and blockchains have the potential to decentralize financial and legal services in the same way that the internet decentralized information and media. Unfortunately, in their current state, most Cryptocurrencies remain out of reach of the everyday people who could most benefit from the technology.”

Some of the best values of the Pi Network are simplicity, fair distribution, scarcity, and meritocratic earning. The initial goal is to build a transparent model that is approachable, stable and rewards its main contributors for enlarging and developing the network and its community for years to come.

Other Crypto mining mobile applications

Minergate is a great little tool for Crypto mining. The application works with Android Jellybean, Wifi is a must and definitely memory of 30MB. Just like any application, the better updates and bigger space you have, the better experience you will have with it.  Another app that comes to mind is Phoneum.

Phoneum is a mobile Cryptocurrency that allows people to earn their Cryptos with its cloud-based mining infrastructure. The aim of the Cryptocurrency is to be used for apps or games.

An older similar project is Electroneum and it has been quite a success. The mobile application is available on Android and iOS with possibility of more improvements with time. This is the only Crypto that has an actual physical phone.

The last project in mind is the MIB (Mobile Integrated Blockchain) which has the sole purpose to let users mine in tons of different pools. Most of them are located in Asia and they have around 10 different people working on them, which is pretty interesting.

Something to keep in mind with all the mentioned networks is that whenever you do mobile mining, encrypt your mobile device. Mobile mining is useful but takes security in consideration under all circumstances.

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