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Will StellarX Go Public Before Summer Target?

StellarX, a fast and free peer-to-peer trading service platform for the Stellar blockchain, is scheduled for its public release this summer.

As the calendar is halfway through the month of September, cryptocurrency holders and enthusiasts are anticipating the public launch of Stellar-based trading platform StellarX.

According to a Medium post by the StellarX team, the platform will be available in summer for all crypto owners. The summer season for areas on the northern hemisphere ends on the latter days of September.

As of the moment, however, StellarX remains in its beta version, which only a select number of users who requested for invites could access.

“Decentralized Exchange” for Stellar

StellarX is a peer-to-peer universal marketplace built on top of the Stellar blockchain, a decentralized payment network that enables transactions and exchanges between two different currencies.

Through StellarX, users can exchange fiat currencies, cryptos, and other tradable assets without the need for an intermediary.

At the same time, transactions through the trading platform are both fast and free as StellarX would shoulder the cheap costs required by the Stellar network.

The trading service was part of Stellar’s roadmap for 2018 under the working name SDEX or the Stellar Decentralized Exchange.

The team behind StellarX is composed of developers involved in some of the most popular applications on the online market right now, including Kickstarter, Headspace, and OkCupid.

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Under Interstellar’s Umbrella

Upon public launch, StellarX will fall under the product portfolio of Interstellar.

A different Medium post released earlier revealed the merger between blockchain startup Chain and Stellar Development Foundation-supported Lightyear, which brought Interstellar to life.

Interstellar would provide assistance to other startups and organizations planning to build their own platforms on the Stellar blockchain.

In addition, Interstellar would start servicing some of Chain’s current customers, including Visa, Nasdaq, and Citigroup, among others.

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