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Singapore Bitcoin Club Spearheads Blockchain Education for Individuals, Entrepreneurs

A pioneering club in the Lion City, Singapore Bitcoin Club brings blockchain and Bitcoin closer to the people through forums, seminars, and workshops.

A 2017 HSBC survey revealed that 59 percent of consumers polled had never heard of blockchain technology, while 80 percent of those who are familiar do not understand what it is and does.

Two years after the survey, blockchain is still finding its way to become a household name. The truth is: many people are still in the dark in regard to blockchain.

This is where Singapore Bitcoin Club comes in.

With over 3,000 members on board since its foundation in 2016, Singapore Bitcoin Club brings Distributed Ledger Technology closer to the people, specifically small to medium-scale entrepreneurs.

The Club is at the forefront of educating the public. They hold workshops, special classes, and seminars to share their blockchain knowledge. They also showcase the benefits distributed ledger technology brings to businesses of all kinds and sizes.

What Singapore Bitcoin Club Offers

Clear understanding of the key elements of blockchain and Bitcoin remains to be a primary obstacle that hinders mass adoption.

Singapore Bitcoin Club - ACCESS

Singapore Bitcoin Club, which takes pride in being an industry member and educational partner of Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association (ACCESS), offers a one-day workshop that give attendees a high-level overview of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Also covered in this 3-hour class are the jargons used in the blockchain sector that people need to know and to engage in blockchain conversations.

Besides providing a venue for people to learn the blockchain and Bitcoin (BTC) fundamentals, the Club also extends its hands to assist those who seek profits from the market and digital currencies.

True to its words, Singapore Bitcoin Club has organized several events like Singapore Bitcoin Club – Arbitrage Session, SBC Cryptocurrency Masterclass and Crypto Technical Analysis Refresher Session & Market Update.

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Meet the Minds Behind the Club

Four years ago, Caleb Yap and Peter Sin Guili founded Singapore Bitcoin Club. Using their experience in their own respective fields, they pioneered the dissemination of ideas and concepts of blockchain and of cryptocurrencies in Singapore.

Singapore Bitcoin Club Team

Peter, a trading expert, is now the co-head of Digital Currency Subcommitte of ACCCESS. He joins forums and seminars about blockchain and crypto assets as a speaker and panelist.

Caleb comes from the sales industry as a sales director and business owner. His background in sales gives him the edge in communicating with SMEs and in helping them integrate blockchain into their business. He also shares his knowledge in seminars and workshops.

Also helping the Club achieve its goals is Leslie Chan, who forms connections among retails investors, crypto businesses, and ICOs. He serves as a blockchain coach and as Key Project Consultant in Kryptopia’s Think Tank.

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