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PewDiePie and DLive Go Decentralized with Theta Labs

The gaming superstar PewDiePie take DLive platform by a storm. Theta Labs take on an ambitious collaboration with DLive for decentralized video experience.

Theta Labs, a decentralized video delivery network with an innovative new Blockchain, announced their Blockchain video platform Theta network is going to be implemented to the decentralized streaming service DLive.

Thanks to a PR published on 10th October 2019, this partnership will enable P2P video and give out token awards for its users.

A big YouTube gaming name PewDiePie started streaming on DLive on 14th April. The platform had massive success with 67% increase in active users with increased audience over 5 million viewers and 70,000 streamers back then.

They aim to “take on YouTube and Twitch with a decentralized, collectively-owned video content distribution system”, and to cut content delivery costs by 50%. Wilson Wei, CEO of DLive’s main company Lino, commented:

“The DLive platform has grown tremendously in 2019, but with that comes fast-rising content delivery costs. By adding Theta Network to our video infrastructure, we can reduce those costs by 50% or more, making DLive platform growth more sustainable and at the same time adding a new way to engage our users with token rewards.”

Incorporating Theta’s P2P protocol in DLive across all devices enables users to publish their videos on Theta Network and gain tokens.

The companies have plans of content merger between and DLive with cross-promotion.

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