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MOAC (MOAC) Coins on Fire as Price Sets Crypto Market Ablaze

The price of MOAC (MOAC) coins, the cyrpto used on multi-blockchain smart contracts platform MOAC, has stayed on the green for the past few weeks.

A digital token of a blockchain-based smart contracts network has been trending in the online cryptocurrency community for its impressive performance on the market. Said token is MOAC (MOAC), and its price has stayed on the green for a long period of time, stretching to at least 30 days.

The MOAC coin is used on the decentralized applications (dApps) platform of the same name. The MOAC platform is a scalable multi-blockchain and peer-to-peer service platform where clients can develop smart contracts and dApps for commercial use.

With a market capitalization of US$89.877 million the MOAC coin was trading on November 13 at US$1.44 against the US dollar, 33 percent higher than last week’s price. In addition, the November 13 price was a huge improvement from last month, with a 19 percent difference between them.

The MOAC platform uses a multi-blockchain structure where developers can practically build their own networks on a sidechain built on the “Mother of All Chains.” On the platform, transactions are processed and a consensus is reached on the mother chain.

Meanwhile, the microchains handle smart contracts. This division of priorities—together with sharding—allows the MOAC platform to beat competitor smart contracts platform Ethereum by 100 more transactions per second.

A number of MOAC supporters believed that the coin would experience yet another boost on its price, with the blockchain project’s roadmap suggesting the release of numerous updates coming as the calendar approaches the end of the year.

While the promised Nuwa, MOAC’s client, arrived months earlier than the scheduled December, it is still receiving polishing updates up to this day. Meanwhile, as the project roadmap stated, a number of upgrades are still on their way. These include a full-capacity payment storage, a high-performance storage, and a running Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) hardware chip, among others.

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