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Meanwhile at CoinGeek: Is Binance Going Bankrupt and How to Buy a City with BSV

Commenting on the first day of CoinGeek, a certan remark by BSV's supporter Calvin Ayre concerning Binance emerged and resonated all over the place.

The fourth technology CoinGeek conference in Seoul has barely started with its first day and you can feel the energy coursing through the halls in Le Meridien hotel.

The excitement behind the prospect of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (founded by Dr. Craig Steven Wright) continuing to evolve as a technology, with its Genesis upgrade just a few months ahead.

People waiting to get into the sold-out Bitcoin Association were all you need to know for the scale of this event. There are so many speakers in various panels that await the opportunity CoinGeek gives them as a platform.

Regulars, like Stephan Nilsson, the founder of UNISOT, have been there before. Stephen has achieved investors, new staff and a whole lot of potential customers thanks to the event. In his words, the ambition behind his attendance is using the BSV Blockchain as a tool for supply chain tracking. In his home country Norway, Stephan is working out a solution for their huge salmon industry.

The new faces of the conference were invited to a panel, known as Pitch Day, where about 14 BSV startups presented before investors for a chance to develop their business even further. A Chinese startup CityonChain, for example, invited users to “buy” a city with BSV. There is an empty map of the world and people can bid on a city. Owners of the cities can use them for advertising such as putting up CoinGeek’s logo on the map. This is a good example of businesses expanding the BSV ecosystem and gaining profits from it.

What the first day proved to all attendees and BSV supporters is building the future without focusing on rivals and the inevitable quarrels in the Crypto community.

While the conference was met with excitement and ovations (being just the first day), the brains behind it, Calvin Ayre had some thoughts to share the last few days. According to CCN, Ayre declared that Binance will go bankrupt in 12 months. He underlined:

“CZ’s entire business model is based on a speculative casino of tokens that have zero value. They manipulate the token prices to harvest all the traders who are sold messages to do the opposite of what the house needs for its scams.”

The Bitcoin SV (BSV) supporter and financier commented in conjunction with CZ’s introduction of the rewards system for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) coins.

As a huge supporter of BSV, Ayre have had his reasons to make such bold statements towards the largest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. Earlier this year Binance de-listed BSV which resulted in other exchanges doing exactly the same. This came as a death-blow for BSV because it was still new to the market. Their reasoning was linked to the digital asset not meeting their level of high standard.

In the light of such events, the motivation behind CoinGeek certainly rises when there are exchanges going against BSV and trying to demolish its future. The need for a stable and active community is growing and the conference is its backbone. Although BSV is going steady at the moment, the prospective of another blow is never too far. The cases of exchanges delisting digital assets are many. For example, OKEx Korea will be delisting all privacy coins, including Monero, Zcash and Dash for violating FATF’s ‘travel rule.

You can watch the second day of CoinGeek live here:

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