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Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Interview

Interviewing Marie Tatibouet, the CMO at about coins, mining, exchanges and Check out this exclusive take-in on some crypto trends.

Gate Technology is the parent company to both and Both companies are created to provide users with a secure, simple, and fair trading platform as well as to safeguard assets and trading information.

Marie Tatibouet is a CMO at, a Blockchain influencer and a powerful leader in the crypto and Blockchain industry. She is known for being a top professional and for spreading the message behind the technology of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain- security and transparency.

Marie you have been based in China for the last five years and have seen the Crypto market expanding like no one else. Can you share your intake on China’s first Crypto law and what is going to be its impact on the global economy?

September 2017 marked a major crypto crackdown in China when the country put a comprehensive ban on buying and selling digital currencies. Despite this, APAC marched ahead in the race when compared to its Western counterparts. In fact, APAC’s market size is set to grow by 87 percent over the next six years. APAC is also taking cryptocurrency regulation seriously. While Japan is already fully regulated, and South Korea well on its way, China has recently passed its first crypto law. With the recent announcement of this law, China has also joined the bandwagon and set up a new ramp for encouraging cryptocurrency growth and adoption.

China recently launched their own Cryptocurrency and this might mean something huge for the Crypto adaptation. Can you comment on the possible outcome?

China is laying the right framework with the regulation, digital currency launch. By involving the major banks, they are designing a scalable strategy to reach the citizens. The government has already roped in huge players like Tencent and Alibaba as partners after announcing the potential launch of the national digital currency. These steps will definitely trigger conversations around designing scalable integration plans for digital tokens into the wider financial ecosystem.

As a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at, can you share some updates on the exchange and the latest exciting news? is a global blockchain asset exchange platform that enables blockchain enthusiasts to trade and store assets in over 200 of the leading crypto currencies. Recognizing the importance of blockchain security, sets itself apart by prioritizing security and experience, providing users with quick and easy access to assets.

2019 has been incredibly exciting for as we have achieved crucial accolades. We’re currently gearing up to launch Gatechain, our innovative public blockchain, which is currently in Testnet Mode. GateChain is a novel solution to the transaction safety issues in blockchain technology. It solves security issues and guarantees asset safety even after losing private keys. GateChain’s on-chain asset safety and decentralized exchange sets itself apart from the other traditional blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, promising 100% asset storage safety. Our IEO platform, Startup has already raised over 600 million USDTs raised since its launch in April 2019. We were also named as the No.1 platform for IEO returns with Startup being the best performing IEO ROI.

We reached another milestone last month when our perpetual contracts turnover on 26th October, exceeded $428 million, hitting a new high in 2019.

Last month, we also launched an in-App live streaming service to support real-time interaction with users. In fact, is the first exchange in the industry to bring such a unique service to its users.

There has been some talk around the best coins for mining and how to choose? What is your personal favourite?

The decision should depend on several factors such as the coin’s long-term use, the possibility of withdrawing it to fiat and the exchanges supporting it. I have met a lot of people who find Ethereum Classic to be a profitable cryptocurrency, despite the fact that ETC might have higher inflation and scarcity.

What advice can you give from your expert point of view to the people going on the exchange and trading Crypto?

Fund safety (or lack thereof) is still one of the top obstacles in the way of mass cryptocurrency adoption, and is also the primary concern of our users when trading on an exchange. Here at, we are building GateChain, the industry’s first innovative public blockchain that addresses asset safety issue.

User experience and customer support are also very crucial factors to be considered because a seamless user experience and prompt customer support service can really make a difference to your trading activities.

Fee structure is also very important when cherry-picking a crypto exchange. We recently published a study analyzing how various exchanges design their fee strategies and how users can leverage it to get the lowest fee.


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