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YouTube Alternatives Emerge from Investors

Talking about YouTube alternatives that come out of the recent YouTube banning of crypto content and channels. Read more on the news now.

Recently a scandal shook up YouTube grounds, as YouTube blocked channels associated with cryptocurrencies. The co-founder of Dan Larimer had a response:

“It’s time we start buying physical copies of books again, in a digital world book burning is too easy. It would help if you assumed you do not own/control anything on your phone. We are increasingly on the path to all software being “permissioned” by the powers that be. Today Youtube censors crypto, tomorrow Amazon censors books. Get your books now before they are banned.”

Some other crypto and Blockchain supporters felt that YouTube really needs a decentralized alternative immediately.

Voice Decentralized Social Media is an EOS software creator and Voice, a decentralized social media that  is a completely transparent, rewards-based social network for content creation. It creates a new and trusted experience through identity authentication and transparent database infrastructure. The social media is built by and for its users. Value creation goes back to its community through Voice Tokens. The social media is introduced by

The EOS VC is the venture capital arm and recently they introduced their very own awards and grants, worth around 50,000 dollars for projects on the EOS ecosystem.

EOS VC commented:

 “Project size is not a barrier; we welcome world conquerors and local heroes.”

The venture capital has some other investments in mind, as its core aim is to help the EOS ecosystem improve.

The business viability can decide whether to present the grant to applicants or not. On a case-to-case the applicants get evaluated and whether the grant is in fiat or crypto, is yet to be decided.

The CEO of, Brendan Blumer said:

 “Just look at the business model. Our content, Our data, Our attention. These are all incredibly valuable things.”

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