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Ibinex: A Ready-Made Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform for Businesses

Ibinex is a crypto solutions provider that aims to reduce the gap between traders and exchanges through its white label crypto trading platform.

Ibinex is a cryptocurrency solutions provider perfect for companies planning to launch their own exchange platform. Founded in 2014 and re-established in 2018, the company aims to relieve companies from the rigorous process of creating their own platforms by offering white label crypto exchanges.

The company holds office in some of the biggest places in the crypto world, specifically in Israel, Estonia, New York, Panama, and Manila. Ibinex has more than 100 staff, around half of them carrying on-hand experience in FinTech.

High Barrier to Entry

Ibinex has identified a number of huge problems companies face in the crypto world. These challenges prevent most businesses and individual traders from entering the scene.

1 | Costly Setup

A company planning to open its own exchange would need to cough up expenses—from finances, workforce, to time—just to develop the platform. Ibinex believes that the time and fortune spent on developing could be allotted on marketing and other important parts instead.

2 | Unfair Prices

Ibinex believes that a lack of connectivity between exchanges results in significantly different prices among them, especially when the coins are highly volatile, leaving traders at a disadvantage.

3 | Slow Background Checking Process

Exchanges become congested as a huge number of traders enter the platform looking to complete transactions. Ibinex points out that the inefficient or nonexistent know-your-customer (KYC) procedures—together with slow onboarding—fail to filter out clients.

4 | High Listing Fees

The demand for a coin’s place at a popular exchange is increasing, and so do the crypto listing fees. Projects need to spend a lot just to pay for the listing of their digital coins.

Ready-to-Launch Ibinex Exchanges

ibinex-additionalThe crypto solutions provided by Ibinex will aim to solve the aforementioned problems and more. These services are aimed not just at startups but also at established crypto companies looking to improve their businesses.

Ibinex, the platform, is a turnkey solution that allows client businesses to build their own crypto exchange in less than a month. Simply put, it is similar to an exchange-in-a-box that even clients could customize.

According to the company’s website, this platform is already loaded with the necessities of a functioning exchange that clients would not need the help of their own technical departments. The platform’s interface can be customized to match the expectations of both new and experienced crypto traders. Ibinex can also be connected to crypto prices of 60 other leading exchanges.

Apart from those, the Ibinex team will handle a number of services related to trading, from liquidity strategies, KYC/AMC (Anti-Money Laundering) procedures, as well as over-the-counter (OTC) trading, payment solutions, and fund storage.

Ibinex secures the platform in a private cloud storage and crypto funds are placed in heavily guarded cold wallets. In addition, Ibinex holds an Estonian Virtual Exchange license, as well as European E-Wallet Licenses. The company plans to acquire more licenses in the US, Malta, and Japan.

Let Ibinex Handle It

Ibinex hopes that through its services offered, including the Ibinex turnkey product, clients would find it easier to launch their own crypto exchanges, giving them more time to expand their businesses and to reach out to more users. The company also believes that its white label crypto exchange—built with security, trust, and transparency in mind—would be the main reference point of platforms in the future.


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