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Hashing24: Affordable Cloud Mining Contracts

Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining company offering cloud mining services by leasing hashpower from BitFury's high-end data centers across the world.

Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining company founded in 2012 with offices in the Republic of Ireland and Ukraine.

The company offers contractual cloud mining services to new and experienced users who normally have no access to mining rigs. Hashing24 sells mining hashpower mostly from its partner, industrial mining equipment provider BitFury, which has data centers in Canada, Georgia, Iceland, and Norway.

Hashing24 hopes to make cryptocurrency mining more accessible to everyone.

Powerful Crypto Mining Tools Out of Reach

Hashing24 has recognized that crypto mining has changed ever since its inception a decade ago. Mining has become a complex process for most newcomers to understand.

Moreover, the rising popularity of cryptos meant more miners fight for a single block. To be competitive against large mining pools and industrial mining operators, an individual miner must have an efficient mining system in place. That system would require a powerful mining rig, an extensive but cheap supply of electricity, and a nonstop cooling system, among others.

Hashing24 realized that not every aspiring crypto miner has access to the aforementioned supplies. This is one reason why Hashing24 brought industrial mining closer to more people.

Cloud Mining with Hashing24

Hashing24 AdditionalHashing24 allows its customers to mine for Bitcoin without needing to worry about equipment, maintenance, sudden power outages, or the risk of destructive calamities.

The company allows its customers to lease hashpower to be used for cloud mining. Through this type of mining, they gain access to powerful and efficient mining equipment running in BitFury’s data centers.

These facilities use some of the modern application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners available in the market. The equipment boasts more than 200 Petahashes per second. Moreover, the data centers operate with air and immersion cooling technology running.

Miners operating with their own rigs usually worry that an unexpected bug or calamity could stop the mining process. Hashing24 guarantees its customers that they would not experience any interruption while mining.

The company also assures its patrons that what they will receive are legitimate bitcoins recently mined from the network. Clients can visit several blockchain-observing platforms to confirm that it is truly a newly mined Bitcoin.

Hopeful miners can use Hashing24’s services by ordering their desired amount of hashpower and the duration of the lease. Renting more hashpower would pay a higher number of bitcoins, as the payout is based on the overall network hashrate.

After completing a contract, miners should pay a one-time sum for the hashing power rented. They also have to pay a daily fee for the maintenance of the equipment.

Clients will receive their earned BTC instantly. Furthermore, these coins can be withdrawn on the same day.

Access to Mining for All

Hashing24 believes that each person deserves to benefit from crypto mining. The company aims to provide everyone with the opportunity to mine Bitcoin through its services. Furthermore, Hashing24 is of the opinion that everyone should have easy access to industrial mining equipment through one’s PCs or handheld devices.

The existence of cloud mining techniques would mean that miners could focus on only mining while leaving matters concerning equipment, maintenance, and resources to Hashing24 and its partners.


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