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Gamers Are Not Happy with the new Razer SoftMiner. Here’s Why

Razer's new Razer SoftMiner, which rewards gamers with virtual credits in exchange for their computing power, has been met with negative responses.

Gamers have expressed their dismay at the new mining initiative of famous gaming brand Razer.

The company recently released its Razer SoftMiner application, which uses the processing power of a computer when idle to mine a yet-to-be-disclosed cryptocurrency.

In return, gamers lending their computers remotely to Razer are rewarded with Razer Silver, a virtual credit that can be used to redeem Razer-branded peripherals.

Razer explained:

“When your computer is idle, the Razer SoftMiner desktop application utilizer your idle GPU processing power to supplement distributed network needs for the mining process. You will be rewarded with Razer Silver, which varies depending on the amount of idle time and strength of your hardware or graphics card.”

The outrage of many in the gaming community stemmed from the SoftMiner’s lack of enticing benefits.

One prominent YouTuber argued that it would be virtually impossible to purchase a Razer Huntsman Elite keyboard using only Razer Silver earned through the SoftMiner app. This is because it would take 500 days of full-power mining—if a single day will reward 500 Silver—to match the keyboard’s 280,000 Silver price tag.

Another added that the electricity required to power a mining computer outweigh the benefits a gamer could receive when mining with SoftMiner.

Nevertheless, gamers interested in earning Razer Silver through mining can download the Razer SoftMiner app on the gaming company’s website. The first 5,000 registered users can win a bonus of 1,000 Silver. However, that amount is still not enough to purchase even the cheapest entry on the Razer Silver catalog—a US$5 discount on RazerStore purchases.

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