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Berlin-based Bitcoin startup Cubits aspires for a more Bitcoin-accepting world. Immersing in its specialization of Bitcoin from its definition and discipline, the new company aims at making communities more Bitcoin-friendly with its B2B and B2C initiatives gearing up to make lives easier and more productive this year.

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The former will be done by providing everyone the platform to sell, trade, and buy bitcoins with the company’s supported 14 fiat currencies. The latter, on the other hand, will be executed by giving enterprises the required technological innovation to incorporate bitcoins in their system.

Cubits released its software for production in the late 2014 with the intention of further strengthening and developing it. Setting to introduce itself this month, the company hopes to leave a strong mark in an industry that continuous to flourish despite adversities brought by political, social and economic discord.

As more communities warm up to the utilization of cryptocurrency, startups like Cubits finds it ideal to create and develop a Bitcoin-related project to address the further need for diversification in the industry. With the Vault of Satoshi finally closing down on February 5, along with the current security predicaments of Blockchain and Bitstamp, this may be the perfect time to come out in the open and strive to be new and different and to be something that the consumers and investors can trust.

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Though it may seem that Cubits will soon enter a jungle and struggle to be on top to survive, it’s actually the ideal moment to join the pandemonium of bliss and eventually rise as its one true survivor. After all, the nature of Bitcoin may be unpredictable, but it surely is exhilarating; and to be a part of this thriving industry as a provider of an innovative service can put this company in the middle of a very important milestone.

Furthermore, as Cubits take the stage and present its awe-inspiring offerings, the Bitcoin community will soon realize the need to experience this new Bitcoin platform and what it is capable of doing to create a significant change among both consumers and enterprises. In addition, finding a platform in Europe that guarantees fast purchases of bitcoins is almost impossible. This is where Cubits come in.

As for the company, its creators have been observing the nature of cryptocurrencies and its overall impact to its users since bitcoins rose to prominence. Thus, their decision to develop something new and better that can further increase the value of bitcoins came from their knowledge and passion in the industry, accompanied by good intentions and the hopes of bringing Bitcoin usage to every corner of the world.