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Eventus International Now a Partner of All-in Diversity Project

The Eventus International and All-in Diversity Project partnership looks to establish a benchmark for diversity and equality in the global iGaming industry.

Eventus International announces its full support as a partner to All-in Diversity Project. The Eventus International–All-in Diversity Project partnership looks to set a benchmark of diversity, equality, and inclusion in the iGaming sector across the globe.

Businesses who participate in the initiative have much to gain from following the standards set by the project. This is seen as a way for companies to show how much they demonstrate their commitment to their staff, customers, and shareholders.

All-in Diversity Project Details

The All-in Diversity Project is a nonprofit initiative that aims to establish an industry standard index for diversity, equality, and inclusion in the betting and gaming industry. The standard index is made to be the definitive benchmark tool that the iGaming sector will use to measure the current landscape.

The tool that All-in Diversity Project uses is the All-Index. This will take in data from the different parts of the participating companies such as corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, employment legislation, equal pay, and unconscious bias.

All-Index will grade the participating companies on a simple scale. Once measured, the tool will publish an annual report whose release is in every February. The report will show the company its annual progress. It will also include recommendations to help address any issues that might affect its diversity and inclusion grade.

Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of All-in Diversity Project says:

“We established the All-in Diversity Project because we believe the industry itself has a role to play in improving how we do business. Eventus International will play a pivotal role bringing the topic of diversity in betting and gambling to the world’s stage.”

Companies who are interested in participating for the All-index can register on the All-in Diversity Project website. Employees can also participate in an anonymous survey through which they can share their experience when it comes to the diversity and equality of the company they are working with.

Yudi Soetjiptadi, the Managing Director at Eventus International says:

“Our events take us to different markets across the globe and our team is truly diverse and international. We are excited and honoured to support All-in Diversity Project not only through our belief that diversity and inclusion makes for business success, but also by including it actively and positively in all our events and products.”

Benefits of Participating in the Project

One of the benefits of participating in the All-Index survey is it will help create a comfortable work environment. Employers can use the index to ensure everyone is treated well and receive a fair treatment.

Following the benchmark allows a company to also improve its retention rate. At the same time, employers can attract various employees from different backgrounds and ethnicity. This allows the company to pool a rich collection of talent that can help with better decision-making and much more.


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