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Kyte Crypto: Your Guide to the Blockchain Island

Kyte Crypto is an advisory firm that helps startups to wiggle through regulatory requirements, among others, on the blockchain island of Malta.

Kyte Crypto is a risk management firm focused mainly on the cryptocurrency and digital ledger technology sectors in Malta, the emerging leader in the blockchain scene.

Current Directors Alan Alden and Trevor Axiak established Kyte Consultants, Kyte Crypto’s parent company, in 2006 to be the leading advisor and auditor in the iGaming industry.

The Kyte Crypto team currently holds office at Birkirkara in Central Malta.

Entry into Blockchain Haven

The emergent crypto industry is currently on a regulatory limbo as governments across the globe are trying to figure out how to deal with the new technology. Crypto and blockchain companies are in constant worry as the lack of any clear rules could mean—among other possibilities—sudden unfavorable legislative changes that would definitely hurt their businesses.

This reason is why projects are heading to Malta. The European country proved to be a secure place for crypto and blockchain companies because the Maltese government, earlier this year, enacted a regulatory framework for digital ledger technology and a Virtual Financial Assets Act—a first among every other huge country.

As an advisory firm, Kyte Crypto would help interested companies in successfully integrating their initial coin offerings (ICOs) and projects into the so-called “Blockchain Island.”

Captain of a Safe Passage

kyte-crypto-additionalBacked by years of experience in the blockchain and consultation industries, Kyte Crypto listed down seven services it could offer for interested crypto and blockchain companies. All of which are described briefly below:

  1. Regulatory Oversight – Kyte Crypto would guide projects in their ICOs to make sure the company complies with the country’s regulations.
  2. Investor Relations – Crypto projects could ask Kythe Crytpo to conduct AML/KYC (anti-money laundering/know-your-customer) checks—among other things—on their investors.
  3. Blockchain Development – Kyte Crypto could also develop for its client startups the project’s digital token and smart contract.
  4. Compliance – After the ICO, Kyte Crypto would provide a compliance checklist the firm’s clients could follow.
  5. Advertising – A client’s ICO could be made known to a wider audience with the help of Kyte Crypto’s networks.
  6. Auditing – Kyte Crypto could audit its client’s ICO to make sure it follows Malta’s regulations.
  7. Network Outreach – The advisory firm could introduce the client to a network of service providers.

With the law regulating virtual financial assets only taking effect this November, companies would be in a rush to claim a position as close to the center of the blockchain world as possible. And with expert opinions from Kyte Crypto’s team of IT, marketing, and legal experts supporting the crypto startups, successful entry into Malta would be possible.


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