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Buy a Church with Bitcoin

St Laurence’s Church in North East England may be purchased with Bitcoin from Finest Properties agency, according to real estate portal Rightmove.

Have you ever considered buying your very own English church for the small fortune of 180 BTC? The real estate agency Finest Properties has the perfect solution to your answers.

According to a post on the real estate portal Rightmove, the vendor is allegedly selling an old church in County Durham, North East England. The St. Laurence’s Church was built in 1871 with some renovating that has been done to the core structure of the building.

The website comments:

“The decision was made to formally close the church in June 2012 and, in 2015, the building was sold to become one private dwelling.”

The man who built the church was named James Piggot Pritchett, a famous architect whose works include the York Assembly Rooms and the Huddersfield railway station. Since the decommission, a kitchen, lounge and modern bathrooms were added with some touches like stained glass windows and the big organ room remained to keep the building’s old spirit.

The owner of the church decides to sell it and is currently looking for the future owner. What’s particularly interesting is Finest Properties states “Bitcoin payment [is] accepted.”.

The price of 180 BTC is approximately 1.5 million dollars or 1.2 million pounds.

The agency also adds:

“The vendor is willing to accept the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) as a method of payment. The final sale price in BTC is to be agreed and confirmed with the vendor and will depend on the market valuation of BTC at the time of sale.”

The project is meant to become a luxury house but the vendor prefers to receive the payment first and later on talk more about the development of the construction.

In recent time, Bitcoin payment has become a very popular option for UK property sellers. Several owners have tried to sell houses in locations such as Montenegro via the platform Zoopla.

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