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ARK Core v2 Coming to Mainnet on Nov. 28. What Exciting Features Await ARK Token Holders?

The new ARK Core v2 code will be implemented on the ARK mainnet starting November 28. Here are some of the new features the upgrade will bring.

Updated: November 26, 2018

Optimism surrounds the ARK (ARK) community as the ARK Crew finally revealed the exact date for the release of the forthcoming ARK Core v2.

The team will launch the new codebase on the ARK Mainnet on Wednesday, November 28.

ARK was developed for promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies through a decentralized blockchain-based platform that allows customers and businesses to start their own blockchains.

ARK token holders and believers of the ARK platform’s promise can expect new features to arrive after the integration of the ARK Core v2 into the Mainnet. Some of these features are as follows:

1| Dynamic Fees

ARK delegates can now assign their own fees for each transaction type available. In addition, ARK users can choose from a selection the amount they would pay as fees for sending transactions.

2| Faster Transaction Speed

The upgrade increases the number of transactions that can fit in a block from 50 to 150. That sends the number of transactions processed on the blockchain from only 6.25 to 18.75 per second.

3| New API

An improved application programming interface (API) will be available to developers when ARK Core v2 launches. The new API is more stable than the previous version and is updated to follow today’s programming standards.

4| Plugin System

ARK users can now create their own customized plugins for their own blockchains. This system, according to ARK, is similar to how plugins can be easily installed on WordPress.

Other features include the addition of Webhook support, improved transaction pool management and verification system, faster rebuild and synchronization, and a new snapshot system.

The developers would fork the current ARK blockchain to implement the new ARKCore code. The change in protocol would require node operators to change into ARKCore from the previous ARKNode.

At the same time, ARK token holders would need to swap into using crypto wallets that are compatible with the new code.

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Erratum: An earlier version of this story mistakenly reported that ARK Core v2 will go live on November 23. This has been since corrected.


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