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3 ICOs Crypto Investors Should Watch Closely in 2019

Plan ahead your 2019 by checking out these three initial coin offerings (ICOs) that a number of crypto analysts pointed out as promising projects.

The determined investors in the cryptocurrency market are always looking for hidden gems that will give them great to stratospheric amounts in profit.

In that search, they turn to initial coin offerings (ICOs) that could potentially become the next Ethereum or EOS, two ICOs that gave early investors more than 100-percent return in their investments.

To many crypto analysts, interested investors should look—among other factors—at the feasibility of the project and how would people benefit from it.

Here is a sneak peek on three ICOs this 2019 a number of crypto analysts deemed worth monitoring closely.

1| EndChain (ENCN)

EndChain is one of the many projects that aim to apply blockchain to the supply chain industry. However, EndChain promises to be significantly cheaper than the others are by replacing chip trackers with its patent-pending QR codes.

Customers can use these QR codes to check on the blockchain the legitimacy, the origin, and the ownership history of the product.

Interested investors can purchase EndChain tokens (ENCN)—which are used to run the EndChain ecosystem—during the project’s ICO from February 1 to April 30. More details about EndChain are available on the project’s website.

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2| World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

The goal of World Trip Singapore is to improve the journey of many travelers with blockchain technology. The project aims to become the online travel agent and social networking site for tourists where they can book trips as well as share their experiences with their fellow journeymen.

To achieve this, apart from using blockchain technology, World Trip Singapore will use not only artificial intelligence but also content created by the platform’s users. Moreover, the project’s World Trip Xperience Token (WTX) can be used to transact in the platform.

Crypto investors who believe World Trip Singapore can change the global travel industry can purchase WTX during the project’s ICO, which will start on March 1 and will last for two months.

3| botXcoin (BOTX)

The botXcoin project aims to provide crypto traders a profitable way to transact on the market without breaking a sweat through the BOTX App, a Trading Robot application that can be used on many exchange platforms in the scene as of the moment.

Through the project’s Ethereum-based botXcoin token (BOTX), holders can use the advantageous Trading Robot. In addition, the BOTX can be used to earn passive income through the project’s loyalty program.

BotXCoin’s ICO is scheduled to end on January 28. Investors willing to do further research can visit the project’s website for further details.

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