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Crypto Exchange September WK4 2017

For Crypto Exchange September WK4 2017, majority of crypto currencies experienced increase but the rise of Bitcoin to $4,000 was the stand out.

Crypto Exchange September Wk4 2017 had a positive run with majority of the crypto currencies seeing increase in their prices for the weekly roundups. However, MaidSafeCoin (MAID) and Dash (DASH) fell short when the two were not able to maintain their positive flow come Friday. The chance to improve and maintain their standing can be monitored on crypto exchange sites.

Crypto Exchange September WK4 2017

Bitcoin exchange sites will be more than happy to present a continuous incline of Bitcoin (BTC) prices throughout Crypto Exchange September Wk4 2017. Starting the week with $3,670.755 and maintaining a positive outlook on Wednesday with $3,917.869, Bitcoin eventually broke the mark again by closing the week with $4,185.213.

Ethereum (ETH) had the same situation and Ethereum exchange sites could consider this Crypto Exchange September Wk4 2017 one of its best. Starting with a high price of $282.741, it finished the week with $299.155, a clear indication that Ethereum is gaining its momentum.

Steem (STEEM) was not able to maintain its positive spot when it showed a decline on Wednesday, as indicated on the Crypto Exchange September Wk4 2017 infographic. But it found its redemption on Friday when it gained a significant increase from $1.09345 on Wednesday to $1.4258 on Friday. MaidSafeCoin and Dash have an inverse result when both increased midweek but failed to stay positive on Friday. Regardless, their ending prices, just like the rest of the crypto currencies, are still better than their last week’s records.

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