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Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017

For Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017, Bitcoin Cash, BitConnect, and Bitcoin received constant growth the whole week, with Bitcoin reaching $7,022.

A mixture of good and bad news are expected for Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017. This is because if there is a continuous decrease in most of the altcoins, there are also constant increases in some of the cryptocurrencies, just like the case of Bitcoin (BTC). From last week’s price of $5,887, Bitcoin exchange sites registered the coin in the weekly roundups with a $7,022 value.

Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017: Latest in Crypto Prices

Altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and BitConnect (BCC) also experienced unceasing increases the whole week. For Bitcoin Cash, it started Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017 with $444.823 and ended with $607.541. The same story happened with BitConnect. This altcoin experienced a rise up to 0.16 percent starting from Monday to Friday.

On the other hand, Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), NEM (NEM), and Monero (XMR) suffered decreases for the whole Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017. Crypto exchange sites are blue with the current status of these altcoins. Out of all the altcoins mentioned, Dash (DASH) had the biggest downfall. Last week, it ended with $286.135 and now, it is currently $261.197.

Meanwhile, NEO (NEO) was different from the other cryptocurrencies according to satoshi exchange sites. It entered Crypto Exchange October WK5 2017 with a rise and eventually fell by 0.13 percent by Friday.

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