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Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017

For Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017, Ethereum Classic is back on the list. Also, another good news is the continuous rise of the cryptocurrencies.

The weekly roundups showed the comeback of Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the top 10 list, eliminating BitConnect (BCC) for now. Ethereum Classic started Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017 with $13.243 and continued rising until it reached $14.2095 by the end of the week. All eyes are now on the altcoin if it can stay on its spot until next week.Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017: Latest in Crypto Prices

As for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin exchange sites are amazed with the increasing price of this cryptocurrency. Last week it was worth $7,022 and entered Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017 with $7,389.62. It dropped by 0.037 percent but was able to rise again by Friday. With this, it is still a perfect time for those who are into Bitcoin mining.

Ethereum exchange sites announced the same news with Ethereum (ETH) for Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017. The altcoin’s starting price of $296.26 on Monday went down to $294.434 but regained momentum on Friday with its current price of $320.884. The same thing happened to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), NEO (NEO), and NEM (NEM).

Further, the rest of the altcoins—Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and Monero (XMR—are steady with their continuous increase for the whole Crypto Exchange November WK1 2017. The altcoin that has the highest rise is Monero, which started with $26.38 and is now $120.78.

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