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Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017

For Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017, Bitcoin made a new record by breaking past the $4,000 mark. MaidSafeCoin and Dash also showed positive movements.

Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017 remained erratic for most cryptocurrencies, except for MaidSafeCoin (MAID) and Dash (DASH). Despite the ups and downs in the weekly roundups, some coins still do stand out like Bitcoin with its record-breaking $4,000 price.

Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017

The crypto exchange sites all registered Bitcoin value to exceed $4,000 beginning last weekend. Although dropping a few hundreds since then, Bitcoin opened Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017 with a value still trading above $4,100 in the Bitcoin exchange. This momentum extended until Friday, pushing Bitcoin to open the morning with over $4,300.

MaidSafeCoin and Dash, on the other hand, are the only two in the top 10 to have positive growth all throughout Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017. MaidSafeCoin opened the week with $0.35 and reached $0.43 on Friday morning. Dash meanwhile started at $198 and reached $233 by Friday.

Not to be outdone, Ethereum (ETH) also made a slight improvement in Crypto Exchange August WK2 2017. The altcoin is now listed at $301 in the Ethereum exchange. This is a welcome improvement for the Ethereum community because the Ether price has long failed to sustain its mark above the $300 level in the past weeks. Whether or not Ethereum will maintain this growth is one of the points to look at next week.

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