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Crypto Exchange April WK1 2018

EOS is the only crypto coin in the bullish pattern in the 1st week of April crypto exchange roundup. Learn more about the crypto price movements here.

Prices of most crypto coins struggled to stay in the bullish pattern during the first week of April. The exception was EOS (EOS), which experienced an upward price movement throughout the week. What hindered Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the rest of the crypto prices to keep their momentum? Find out the price movements of the top 10 cryptos in this Crypto Exchange April WK1 2018 roundup.

Crypto Exchange April WK1 2018

Unlike the rest of the crypto coins, the EOS price continued to improve this week because of the its high trading volume on Asian markets, especially in South Korea. The upcoming new features of the digital currency, such as the improvement of the coin’s smart contract, could have also contributed to its price increase.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s price was on the bearish pattern this week as there were still issues regarding unregulated Bitcoin exchanges. In addition, some banks do not allow crypto users to buy Bitcoin through their credit cards, resulting in the further decline of the cryptocurrency’s price. Despite these downfalls, its price can still move back up as Coinbase has launched an early-stage venture fund that can give investors a boost in their businesses.

Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum struggled to keep its momentum this week because of the approaching US Tax Day on April 17. However, Ethereum users can still anticipate an increase in crypto coin’s price because of the increase in its trading volume. Meanwhile, the price of the rest of the crypto coins continue to fluctuate and underperform after the recent ban of crypto-related ads on Facebook and Google.

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