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Russian FinTech Association to Share Blockchain Trends at World Blockchain Summit

Russian FinTech Association will be revealing the latest developments of blockchain technology in the country during the World Blockchain Summit.

Russia is set to reveal the latest trends and developments toward the use of blockchain technology for financial solutions. Through the Russian FinTech Association (RFTA), blockchain investors and entrepreneurs will learn what steps the country is taking to include ledger-based technology in public and private organizations.

The association will disclose the latest advances of blockchain technology at the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow on April 26 to 27, 2018. This summit aims to gather the leading industry experts so they can discuss how to create more value through ledger-based technology.

Raising Awareness on Blockchain Technology

The RFTA aims to become the leader in blockchain technology in Europe by conducting research, analyzing trends, and using global best practices. It also implements new solutions to support the development and digitalization of Russia’s financial market.

Olga Skorobogatova, chair of the supervisory board of the RFTA, said Russia’s blockchain strategy changes the landscape of ledger-based technology. In an interview, she said this strategy shows how the government managed to channel the limitless potential that blockchain technology has to offer.

Sergey Solonin, chief executive officer of the RFTA, said:

“The financial system governs the entire market and productivity of a particular nation. We aim to boost the efficiency of our national resources by decentralizing the entire financial solutions and services sector through the systematic and schematic implementation of blockchain technology. We are leaving no stone unturned by devoting our attention to the retail payment-space sector as well.”

Despite the opportunities, there remains an atmosphere of fear of dabbling into blockchain technology. Potential traders and investors are still cautious because of the lack of regulations and authorization boards. Thus, the RFTA has associated with the World Blockchain Summit in an effort to raise awareness on the technology.

World Blockchain Summit Speaker Line-up and Activities

Skorobogatova will open the World Blockchain Summit through a keynote address on ‘The Current State and Vision of the Moscow Blockchain Strategy.’

Other notable speakers are:

  • Artem Koltsovk, Head of the Expert Council on Digital Economy and Blockchain Technology for the State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Marco Robinson, television personality and Founder of NKD Technologies
  • Phillip Nunn, CEO of the Blackmore Group, UK
  • Richard Kastelein, Founder of Blockchain News, Cryptoassets Design Group & Blockchain Partners
  • Sally Eaves, speaker and author, Research Forbes Technology Council

Other than the talks from speakers, summit guests can also explore startup exhibitions. Blockchain startups will pitch their innovative technologies in an effort to raise funds and secure collaboration opportunities. Guests can also look forward to the ICO Grand Slam in which organizations with initial coin offering can pitch to investors and raise funds of up to US$2 million.

World Blockchain Summit is organized by Trescon, a global business events and consulting firm. This organization aims to deliver high-quality business platforms for their clients by arranging B2B events that connect businesses with opportunities.

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