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OpenExpo Europe 2019: Companies and Professionals in Favor of Open Technologies Innovation

OpenExpo Europe 2019 held at La Nave in Madrid, Spain last 20 June was a success as it welcomed 3000 attendees and featured 73 stands on the expo floor.

And the day arrived: On June 20th 2019, the 6th Edition of the largest Innovation Open IT Professional Encounter, the OpenExpo Europe Fair and Congress, took place at La Nave in Madrid, Spain.

This year´s event brought together around 3000 visitors from 9.00 to 22.00 hours, offering a wide variety of formats and contents about the trends of technological innovation. The collaboration was very extensive with sponsors such as IBM, Red Hat, Google Cloud, Magnolia, Arsys … and media partners such as Brainsins, Compilando Podcast, Comunicae, TodoStartups, El Español, Martech Forum, Ecommerce News, IT Latino, La Neurona … Among many more!

Among the 73 stands at the fair, there were companies such as OVH, IBM, Ivnosys, Kiwi TCMS, Arsys and Magnolia, among many others. Likewise, we had communities such as the Free Software Foundation of Europe (FSFE), Madrid Maker, HackMadrid, KDE as well as the press and especially our Media Partners.

The part of the Congress was a success, equipped with 7 closed rooms (IBM Auditorium, Arsys Room, Europechain Room, Hall, Prestashop, Ydral Room, Red Hat Room and WhiteBearSolutions Room) and 3 open spaces which we designed for “Open Talks” (Open Talk Urban , Open Talk 2Byte and Open Digital Corner). In total there were more than 100 speakers, very diverse among them. This fact enriched the content offered to the visitors: Chema Alonso, Fernando Mateo Sanz, Horacio González, Angélica Sanz, Fernando Acero, Hong Phuc, Tomasa Rodrigo, Jorge Oteo, Javier Pozo, Cristina Aranda, Anton Sankov…

In this 6th Edition OpenExpo Europe had the objective of improving two of its most valuable activities, which maintained the aim of boosting the technological innovation sector: the Startup Connector & Mentoring and the 1to1 Business Meetings.

OpenExpo Stage

The first action was aimed at entrepreneurs or Startups that required a type of advice (legal, marketing, financial and presence in media), in this case, they received free mentoring from companies such as Ibercaja, The Social Media Family, PADIMA and Media Startups.

On the other hand, in the 1to1 open interviews companies such as Vocento, Idealista, Nielsen, Between Technologies, Delonia, Mindsait, Giuntitsy and Grupo CPS, interviewed a programmer in 5 minutes (Front – End, Back – End and Full Stack), having contact at the end with about 25 professionals.

The aim of both activities is to increase the dynamism of the innovation sector, helping companies in their operation and in capturing the necessary profiles for a good execution.

The message transmission was not only for the speakers give out, that is why OpenExpo Europe set up debate sessions with the 8 round tables including 40 experts in diverse subjects along the day. This way, it was possible to discuss and come up with new ideas and trends of each one of the relevant topics.

The 8 roundtables included the following topics: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, CIO Summit, Entrepreneurship, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Women in Tech.

Blockchain roundtable

Organized by Blockchain Spain, in which each of the members presented his experience with this technology and discussed current issues and challenges those that the Blockchain will have to confront in the future.

Moderator: Alex Preukschat


  • Lucas Carmona Ampuero
  • Enrique Palacios Rojo
  • Jesús Pérez Sanchez
  • Daniel Díez García

Cybersecurity roundtable

Cybersecurity is one of the main trends and investments that current companies should keep in mind. In this meeting the experts contributed ideas on how companies have to carry out establish a good cybersecurity strategy in the field of Open Source.rity strategy in the field of Open Source Moderator: Vicente Ramírez


  • Tomás Isasia
  • Ángel Ramos
  • Fernando Antonio Acero
  • Jorge Oteo


In this case, IT leaders met to give visibility to the role that exercise and offer the public the main challenges facing the next years.

Moderador:     Bryan     McEire


  • Enrique Diego Bernardo
  • Tomás Isasia
  • Javier Pozo Ugidos

Entrepreneurship roundtable

What are the differences between the entrepreneurship of traditional companies in front of the technological ones? What are the characteristics and challenges of both? In this debate, these questions could be answered in addition to knowing the experience as entrepreneurs of the panelists, in the context of a changing and dynamic world.

Moderator: Miguel Ángel Robles


  • Pablo Sammarco
  • Alex Vallbona
  • Bruno Bianchi
  • Alejandro Guerrero

Fintech rountable

The financial sector is one of the most advanced in line with the the technological novelties; this has led to the establishment of the term “Fintech” to refer to this relationship. In this round table the experts, conscious of this reality, they tried to summarize the trends of the future of the banking and Fintech companies.

Moderator: Oscar Domínguez


  • Álvaro Rezola
  • Álvaro González
  • Amparo Marín de la Bárcena Grau
  • Teresa María Alarcos

Artificial Intelligence roundtable

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is considered as one of the main technologies that will revolutionize the world in the coming years. The professionals of this round table took it into account and decided to put in common their ideas about points as their experiences in implementing IA, the regulation of this, the professional profiles that are needed or the importance of a good cybersecurity strategy in AI.

Moderator: Fernando Mateo Sanz


  • Francisco Carrero
  • Antonio Jiménez Ramírez
  • David Carabantes Alarcón
  • Carlos Alonso Linaje

Digital transformation rountable

The speakers responded to questions about how companies with the adoption of digitization can optimize their resources while offer better experiences to users and customers, and provided the keys to carry out an efficient digital transformation in different aspects.

Moderator: Pedro Pablo Merino


  • Fares Kameli
  • Rafael Gil Horrillo
  • David Lastra
  • Javier Garrido

Women in Tech

The world is constantly changing and in the life of women it is refers, it’s better. In this round table the speakers told their experiences professionals on how they could adapt to the technology sector and how it is your life today as a Tech Woman. We leave here the link to a post that we created a few months ago about the White Paper on Women in the Sector Technological.

Moderator: Sara Alvarellos


  • Roya Chang
  • Tomasa Rodrigo
  • Monica Villas

At the end of the presentations, the Open Awards Gala took place in the Arsys Conferece Room, where awards were presented to the winners of the different categories and honorable mentions were given to certain professionals in the sector for their trajectory.

OpenExpo Awards

This gala, sponsored by Ipcore and AWS (Amazon Web Services), was presented by Philippe Lardy, CEO of OpenExpo Europe, and Paco Estrada, producer of Compiling Podcast, who had the presence of personalities such as Roya Chang, Fernando Mateo, Fares Kameli, Teresa María Alarcos, among others.

At the celebration the check of € 1150 was delivered to Julita Campos, Vicepresident of the UNICEF Committee of Madrid, organization to which OpenExpo Europe devoted half of the amount collected for tickets general to the event.

They were the WINNERS OF THE OPEN AWARDS 2019:

Best Tech Community: Kiwi TCMS

Best Services Solutions Provider: Irontec

Best Success Story Company / Public Administration: Liberbank Best Innovative Platform / Project: Apprender – SM

Best StartUp: Waima Technologies Best Cloud Solution: IBM

Best Project in Transparency Citizen Participation and Open Government: ERASER Best Medium or Blog: The Atareao

There were also SPECIAL MENTIONS for projects in particular specials in the sector:

 -Women in Open IT Innovation: Cristina Aranda and Sara Alvarellos for WomenTech

-Open Source Solidarity Project: UNICEF Madrid Committee by Unicef Innovation Fund

-Open Source in Medicine / Science: Luis Falcón by GNU Health

-Open Source in Education / Social Services: David Montalva by project Lliuex of the Generalitat Valenciana

-CEO Collaboration Award in Open IT Innovation projects: Julián Fernández CEO of Fossa Systems

-CE Collaboration Award in Open IT Innovation projects: Jorge Oteo CIO of Vocento

Finally, it is important to note that during the whole event there was no shortage of relaxation areas, designed for attendees to chat, create networks and establish relationships between them: Open Garden, the Lounge Bar in the center of the venue, the VIP lounge area for speakers and exhibitors and an outdoor space where the Food Tracks were located and at the end of the afternoon we could enjoy Networking & Beers to the rhythm of Agus & Martin’s music.

From OpenExpo Europe we appreciate the participation of Professionals, Partners and Media Partners, Exhibitors, Sponsors, Associations and Institutions and Communities that trusted and participated in this edition.


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