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KTO Crowd Sale Builds up with Kryptoro-CoinPoint Partnership

Global digital marketing company CoinPoint propels Kryptoro's full-scale KTO crowd sale that will launch the revolutionary Kryptoro Exchange on Oct. 8.

September 13 th 2018 / Bulgaria — CoinPoint Agency, an international digital marketing company that specializes in the crypto space, teams up with Kryptoro in support of its cause to propel the full-scale crowd sale of the Kryptoro Token (KTO). KTO will play a vital role in the operations of Kryptoro Exchange, a revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange platform set to launch on October 8 which coincides with the end of the KTO crowd sale.

As the end of the token sale approaches, CoinPoint maximizes the use of its global media resources to reach out to the target markets of Kryptoro, including South Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. CoinPoint identifies itself as an advocate of an efficient and optimistic cryptocurrency sphere – one reason it sealed a partnership deal with Kryptoro.

Oron Barber, CEO of CoinPoint, said:

“We are excited to work with Kryptoro as we see how the exchange will bring convenience to users. We did a thorough look-through of Kryptoro’s action plan, and I must say they are on their way to making crypto transactions easier and more secure for everyone. After studying Kryptoro’s roadmap in-depth, I couldn’t find a reason  not to help them realize their great plans for the crypto community.”

Kryptoro is working its way to becoming an innovative crypto exchange by offering a user-friendly interface with top-tier security. Once the exchange goes live, additional features such as Trading Analysis Tools and Bull Run feature are to be expected. These features are designed to aid the users in making wise trading decisions.

Anton Vladimirov, PR and Marketing Advisor for the Kryptoro project and Sales and Account Manager of CoinPoint, leads the efforts to help Kryptoro on the marketing and SEO sides of the project. As more users have already taken part in the ongoing crowd sale, both CoinPoint and Kryptoro are still reaching out to more people who want an opportunity to get themselves a portion of the limited KTO left.


About CoinPoint:

CoinPoint is a premium marketing agency founded in 2013. Owned by CoinPoint Group Inc., the agency is now working with a number of all-scale businesses in the crypto space. With a wide range of clientele from cryptocurrencies markets, blockchain, and fintech, CoinPoint has already opened offices in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. With these headquarters strategically positioned, CoinPoint stays on top of the latest trends and innovations across the globe.

About Kryptoro:

Kryptoro is a state-of-the-art crypto exchange that uses advanced AI resources to provide users with convenient crypto transactions. It also delivers news, offers digital analysis, and provides social media updates.


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