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BitBoss Partners with Premium Blockchain Marketing Agency CoinPoint to Launch Its Innovative Butterfly Protocol and Introduce the Newest Player on the Market and Its Revolutionary DAO Naming System

Employing state-of-the-art DAO registrars and Ethereum blockchain, Butterfly Protocol by BitBoss pushes the boundaries of DNS systems through CoinPoint.

IEO digital marketing agency CoinPoint partners with innovative DAO naming system leaders – BitBoss which just launched a new, budding project – Butterfly protocol. The technology behind the project aims to disrupt the domain ownership industry with prolific, blockchain-centric solution. Employing state-of-the-art DAO registrars and Ethereum blockchain, Butterfly Protocol pushes the boundaries of DNS systems through agile and innovative marketing strategies hand-in-hand with its partners – CoinPoint.

Oron Barber, CEO at CoinPoint underlines:

“If you think about it, current DNS systems don’t make much sense – they are 100% centralized and people who “own” domains don’t actually own it, but lease it, and therefore must continuously pay to maintain rights to use the name. If you take a look at China whose government controls all domestic domains, content gets censored and re-modified on a day-to-day basis. The moment we discovered and read the Butterfly whitepaper, we knew that this is the project we definitely want to see being utilized on a global scale. There’s a bumpy road ahead waiting for us, especially in the IEO period, but that’s something that drives us to excel in everything we do and Butterfly is no exception.”

The partnership between CoinPoint and BitBoss which started on 1st of July is going “by the book”. BitBoss has clearly been focused on putting the finishing touches on the Butterfly ecosystem, whilst CoinPoint assist with marketing endeavors through copywriting, whitepaper revamp, and creating the general online buzz around the project.

BitBoss CEO Matthew Dickson has carefully chosen CoinPoint to market and run soon to be launched IEO for the Butterfly Protocol.  After crossing paths with CoinPoint multiple times at both crypto and gaming conferences, it was evident that CoinPoint is always in the right place at the right time. BitBoss ran an extensive due diligence process and determined that CoinPoint’s technical knowledge aligned with their requirements to run a successful IEO.

“I’m excited to work with Oron and his team on this project.  As the only DAO naming system that creates a true economy for the IEO purchasers, I really think that Butterfly will change the broken status quo of centralized and easily censorable naming systems. Furthermore, this new system is not easily blocked by a government entity, and it does not serve the interest of any single party. No longer will governments be able to go to registrars or hosting data centers and shut down websites. That’s why the Butterfly protocol is pro people!”

CoinPoint always comes prepared with sufficient knowledge and network of connection to meet partner’s demands and assist aspiring projects reach the sought-after prominence. Their tagline “Value comes first” perfectly illustrates how they deal with new challenges and which method they opt for when handling each task.

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