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Experience HERC Technology Live at Blockchain Futurist Conference by Tracking the Produce, Artwork, Insurance and Collectables Onsite

HERC CEO Anthem Blanchard and CTO Logan Ryan Golema will be among the dozens of industry leaders, experts, and pioneers pegged to speak at the event.

One of the emerging strengths of the blockchain platform is how it enables agricultural companies to track the produce supply chain from farm to table. This is key in an era when frequent reports about tainted food and E. coli outbreaks have heightened concerns over food sourcing. Blockbuster marketing and strategy firm Untraceable recognizes this technological power and has harnessed it as preparations are made for the second annual Blockchain Futurist Conference, which will take place Aug. 13-14 at Toronto’s premier Rebel Entertainment Complex & Cabana (

Last year, more than 2,300 participants helped inaugurate the multi-day event, which celebrates blockchain technology and its game-changing usefulness for industries of all stripes as they try to manage distribution networks, labor efficiencies, product inventories and more. Conferencegoers are expected in even greater numbers at this year’s event, and the Futurist Conference will, of course, include food venues for these attendees. While doing so, Blockchain Futurist will simultaneously showcase facets of the blockchain’s transformative power, including the ability to verify the origin of produce.

Catering company Caterable (word play on the term “traceable”) will make history during Blockchain Futurist as the first catering company on the blockchain. Throughout the conference, Caterable will utilize the blockchain prowess of (one of the event’s title sponsors) by putting produce and more on HERC’s platform ( to verify the provenance of the food being served during Blockchain Futurist. Caterable will provide breakfast on both days of the conference as well as signature nut mixes, snacks and more, and attendees will be able, through the power of the blockchain, to verify the origins of these food items on offer.

HERC will also play other significant roles at the conference. In addition to creating supply chain transparency for food served at the event, HERC is creating non-fungible tokens for the live artists who will share their talents during the conference as a certificate of their involvement, using proof of human work to validate transactions. Each conferencegoer will additionally receive a non-fungible token as a certificate of their conference attendance. HERC will also put the conference’s insurance documents on the blockchain.

The conference’s aim is to create the ecosystem of a miniature world within the walls of the conference. As an environmentally responsible gathering, the event will promote reuse where effective, compost of disposables, plastics reduction and generally effective disposal systems, recognizing that the world’s waste products also fill a sort of supply chain that, too, often causes harm to plants and animals.

HERC CEO Anthem Blanchard and CTO Logan Ryan Golema will be among the dozens of crypto pioneers, business executives, financial industry insiders and entrepreneurs pegged to speak at the event.

The conference venue, the luxurious Rebel Entertainment Complex & Cabana, provides an ideal setting for networking opportunities and for companies to demonstrate who they are and what they’re doing within the blockchain realm.

For more information about Blockchain Futurist, including ticket registration, visit Discounts are available when purchased with crypto. Bulk purchase of VIP tickets (4) includes your own cabana!


The event is supported by CoinPoint Group Inc – a premium marketing agency, founded in 2013, working with businesses of all scales within the crypto space.

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