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Coinvention 2019 Features Jeremy Gardner, Nick Spanos & Crypto Beadles

Jeremy Gardner, Nick Spanos, and John Hargrave will be at Coinvention 2019 on Sep. 20-21, along with influencers Crypto Beadles and Codey is Fun.

We have some MEGA Speaker Announcements: 

Jeremy Gardner

JEREMY GARDNER | Ausum Ventures

Crypto Castle superstar and Augur co-founder Jeremy Gardner will be joining us as a speaker to talk about his latest cryptocurrency adventures. He’s been featured in places like CoinDesk and the New York Times, and he has interviewed some of the leading voices in cryptocurrency, such as Anthony Pompliano and Ian Balina. Oh yeah, and he just pitched a crypto reality TV show in front of some industry giants.

John Hargrave

JOHN HARGRAVE | Bitcoin Market Journal

John Hargrave’s book, “Blockchain For Everyone” is taking the cryptocurrency world by storm. The book is available on and can be purchased using DAO, the first book deal of its kind, powered by an exclusive agreement with Coinbase and Maker.

Nisa Amoils

NISA AMOILS | Mordan Capital

Investor, media commentator and entrepreneur, Nisa was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Women in Venture Capital to Watch in 2018, and Top 100 women in Fintech in 2019 by LATTICE80.

Matthew Rosen

MATTHEW ROSEN | Steem Monsters

Matt is the Co-Founder of Steem Monsters, which is the highest-ranked game built on Steem in the entire world right now. Play Steem Monsters and see what gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike are raving about!

Alex Scags

ALEX SCAGS | Coinvention & Backyard Crypto

As the founder of CoInvention, Alex is a long-time veteran of the cryptocurrency industry and event-planning space who has hosted sold out events across the East Coast. He’s also the founder of Backyard Crypto, which is a leading crypto-centered digital encyclopedia that breaks down the fundamentals behind every coin.


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Coinvention Influencers

One of the coolest parts about CoInvention that makes us distinct from other conferences is the amount of STRONG content. We leverage hundreds of thousands of impressions per event for our speakers and sponsors, which in large part is due to our AMAZING influencers.

Crypto Beadles


Robert aka CryptoBeadles is one of the leading influencers in cryptocurrency because of one super unique selling point… his reviews are free. He only provides content for projects that he cares about. His voice is one of the most trusted in the industry and he has a nearly 9K Twitter following because of it. Follow him here: @RobertBeadles

Codey is Fun


Codey is a New York City based creative, artist, and self-described “Content Lord.” His dedicated Twitter following of over 13,000 is one of the most tight knit, dedicated followings in the industry. Follow him on Twitter: @CodeyisFun


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