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Coinpoint: “Value Comes First” Still Triumphs for Sustainable Global Expansion in the Blockchain Industry

With an effective strategy and a "value comes first" mentality, blockchain and crypto agency CoinPoint has expanded its market reach to several countries.

October 9th, 2018 / Sofia, Bulgaria —

CoinPoint, an international blockchain and cryptocurrencies agency, continues to expand its reach to global markets through long-term partnerships with innovative key players in the blockchain and crypto space.

The company advocates the wide adoption of blockchain technlogy. The leitmotif of the company is “value comes first”. Strategic planning, combined with sustainable products marketed the right way, and results driven approach is the winning formula, according to its c-level executives. The agency also believes in building strong client relationships, working in close collaboration with its partners.

The ability of the team to apply the above strategy to every new client brought new business partners on 3 continents: Asia, Africa, and South America. The essence of a digital agency is to work globally, but the challenge is to find the right way to communicate with different cultures, investors and media.

A Prominent Position on the Crypto Map

Coinpoint was established in 2013 in Sydney and has since been very active in the crypto space. The agency has headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria and Manila, Philippines.

The agency has recently closed partnership deals with companies in Korea, South Africa, Brazil and Canada, which makes it one of the leading digital agencies on the crypto map.

CoinPoint Additional

CoinPoint recognizes the importance of being up-to-date with industry trends. That is why the agency CEO takes part in blockchain-related conferences around the world not only as key speaker, but also taking part in panels about the future of the industry: Rise Tel Aviv, NEXT BLOCK Sofia 2018, TES Affiliate Conferences Prague 2018, Malta Blockchain Summit 2018, Sigma Malta 2018 are some of the most prominent events.

Oron Barber, CEO of CoinPoint Group INC, said:

“As a blockchain agency, we feel that it is important to share our experience and knowledge of the blockchain and crypto markets. We want to help startups as well as investors by providing them solutions and strategies that can develop their businesses in the fast changing ecosystem nowadays. For instance, we work with innovative exchanges, using AI to deliver the greatest results to its users, but also with traditional businesses which are beginning to feel how blockchain can enhance their operations. There is a whole new world of opportunities out there and we want our partners to feel confident about being consulted in the right way: not only achieve traffic in 1 month period, but build a brand that will work for them in future.

Denitza Alexieva, Head of Marketing at CoinPoint Group INC, said:

Blockchain’s structure is built as a distributed ledger that ensures complete privacy and control of all data to all users. Any changes to the blockchain are always completely transparent and accessible to the public. As the blockchain technology that supports not only cryptocurrency but many other business applications matures, we are already seeing the real value emerge. I am a big supporter of privacy, security, and mostly – of valuable content.  This is why this industry intrigues me: of course, standard marketing tools still work, but you have to be even more creative and adaptive. Also, the importance of organic reach and brand building is growing exponentially. In my opinion, businesses in blockchain and crypto industry should start thinking more strategically and in the long term, if we all want this industry’s next step to be mass adoption.

Top-of-the-Line Services

With a goal to push blockchain towards sustainable and mass adopted economy, CoinPoint delivers cutting-edge solutions and services to multinational companies. It also provides news, media, and relevant online resources to small-scale companies. Other services of the company include crypto and blockchain consultation, crypto integration, and crypto markets branding.

The company brings together a team with experience in digital marketing, media relations, media planning, social media community management and advertising. CoinPoint’s commitment to high quality services makes it no surprise that the company has now around 60 partners and various clients in the blockchain industry.


About CoinPoint:

CoinPoint is a premium marketing agency, founded in 2013, working with all scale businesses – from startups, presenting their businesses on a global level, to multinational companies looking for digital transformation & blockchain adoption. The agency stays on top by providing the best services and solutions to its clients around the world.


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