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XcelTrip Revolutionizes Travel Experience via Blockchain

XcelTrip aims to 'disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry' and provide a seamless travel experience through the use of blockchain technology.

XcelTrip’s decentralized travel ecosystem brings the perfect traveling experience within an arm’s reach, as it promises travelers cheaper costs and providers higher revenues.

But on top of these goals, the California-based company takes on the mission to bring this blockchain-powered ecosystem into the mainstream. At the same time, gear toward higher adoption of crypto assets on a global level.

How XcelTrip Maximizes Blockchain Capabilities

The travel industry is one of the sectors that benefit the most from blockchain. XcelTrip Founder and CEO Gyanendra Khadka understands this and therefore introduced the platform in 2018. His mission is to “disrupt the trillion-dollar travel industry and democratize crypto use-cases.”

Consumer-to-Provider Transactions

The XcelTrip platform creates a decentralized venue for travelers and providers to interact sans a middle man. Providers can then feature their services and consumers can experience these services at a lower rate.

The platform, through its website and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allows travelers to book more than 500,000 hotels across the world. XcelTrip highlights consumer convenience and accessibility to hotels, flights, and other essentials for vacations and holidays.

Increasing Cryptocurrency Adoption

XcelTrip gives incentives to all consumers who use Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to pay for their hotel or flight booking. The same rule applies to transactions made using XcelToken Plus, the token used on this ecosystem.

While PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards are accepted for payment transactions, travelers who will use cryptocurrency for payment will enjoy special deals and higher discounts. This set-up is in line with XcelTrip’s goal to promote mass usage of cryptocurrencies.

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XcelToken Plus Fuels XcelTrip and Other Platforms

XcelTrip is but one of the platforms that utilize XcelToken Plus, an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain.

This token, along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, allows for borderless payments on XcelTrip. It can be used to book hotels and flights, and in return rewards consumers with discounts and exclusive deals.

XcelToken Plus is available on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including CoinGeo, Livecoin, LATOKEN, Bitker, and many more.

Along with XcelToken Plus, consumers and vendors will also benefit from XcelPay that functions as a secure crypto wallet and a reliable merchant POS.

The XcelPay wallet is available in Google Play and App Store, while the XcelPay Merchant POS is available for purchase.

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