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Will Bitcoin Cross $15,000 This Week? Max Keiser Thinks So

Former Wall Street trader Max Keiser sees the Bitcoin price recovering after days on the $9,000 level, and even breaking past $15,000 some time this week.

Max Kesier, host of the Keiser Report financial program on RT, is confident that Bitcoin (BTC) will reach the $15,000 region this week.

In a tweet posted Aug. 3, Keiser shared his price prediction for the Satoshi Nakamoto coin, citing the lack of trust in centralized institutions as the main reasons

Keiser, who was a former Wall Street trader, said:

“I’m sensing #Bitcoin will cross $15,000 this week. Confidence in central governments, central banks, and centralized, fiat money is at a multi-decade low.”

This came following the recent price fluctuations, with the BTC/USD pair settling below $10,000 for several days.

He also shared his observation that Bitcoin registers price increases after he burns “a few thousand” US dollars:

“I’m confident. So I just burned another $10,000 in $USD shitcoin. Correlation does not equal causation, but whenever I burn a few thousand $USD, BTC price goes up significantly.”

Meanwhile, a report cited another cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter who share the same level of optimism.

Josh Olszewicz, who has the Twitter handle @CarpeNoctom, said:

“4h $BTC: e2e nearly complete now, had a few things to support prob of success: – bullish tk cross – confluence w/pattern formation (A&E) – past few convincing 4h kumo breakouts since april have been 40%-70% moves moves, would be 15-18.5 in this case,” he explained in a recent tweet.”

At press time, the BTC/USD pair trades at $11, 393.54, with a five-percent change in the past 24 hours.

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