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The Waves Labs Introduces the WavesFX Wallet

The Waves Blockchain development project Waves Labs introduce a new user-friendly wallet WavesFX with lots of functionalities.

The Waves Blockchain ecosystem and its development project Waves Labs introduced a new product- the WavesFX wallet. The wallet is native, open-sourced and compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, using multi-network and a multi-address option. The wallet was originally planned for private use but as the options of it grew bigger, it was decided that the product will be launched to the community.

As the Waves Lab Team stated:


“The first version of the desktop wallet was released in Oct 2019. Implemented solely thanks to the developer’s own interest and dedication, the project has not yet participated in Waves Labs’ grant program. Should the wallet prove popular and the community decides it is useful and has further potential, we will certainly consider including WavesFX in one of the upcoming grant batches. This would likely enable the developer to add further useful functionality to the wallet.”


Wallet Features

Multi – Network

Operating and switching between networks is extremely convenient for developers and newbies on the Waves Platform. Customnet, stagenet, testnet and mainnet accounts can be used and created within WavesFX with no downloading of separate clients for functions like token creation or account scripts.


One of the best features of WavesFX is operating with multiple addresses with single feed and switching easily. There is no need for creating a couple of accounts for distributing digital assets. All addresses come from the same seed. Private keys can still be backed up and used as an account on their own.

Moving Assets

With WavesFX digital assets can be moved to an address all at once, unlike other wallets.


Other useful functionalities of the wallet:

–        Transfer of digital assets

–        Burning assets

–        Leasing

–        Token creation

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