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What’s Next for TRON? 5 New Developments You Should Know

From new acquisitions and projects to airdrops and giveaways, here are the 5 key TRON developments that made a mark in the crypto world in Q1 2019.

TRON (TRX) settles for the 11th spot in terms of market cap, and it trades for US$0.02 at the time of writing. But with Q1 2019 barely done, TRON has already made headlines several times.

From acquisitions to new product launches, TRON continues to surprise the crypto community, and oftentimes making users think what else is there to expect from TRON and its CEO, Justin Sun.

Here are five noteworthy TRON developments that everyone should know and keep an eye on:

#1 CoinPlay Acquisition

CoinPlay, which is the first blockchain app store, is the newest product to join the growing TRON ecosystem. Justin Sun announced the news on Twitter on 28 March, calling the move a step forward to making TRON “one of the largest decentralized ecosystems in the world.”

According to the official TRON Foundation blog, CoinPlay will soon support the following:

  • Multi-platform multi-currency real-time quotes
  • Multi-platform transaction volume/transaction price
  • GitHub query

These will join CoinPlay’s current offerings like blockchain apps and dApps, indices of major currencies, and browser navigation to name a few.

#2 BitTorrent Live Launch

TRON Foundation, which had acquired BitTorrent in 2018, recently launched the new BitTorrent Live streaming service.

With BitTorrent Live, users can initiate continuous live streaming and engage with broadcasters. Plans of integrating the blockchain technology and payments through the BitTorrent (BTT) token are underway.

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#3 $20M + Tesla Giveaway

Sun announced on Twitter earlier this month that he would be giving away a Tesla (model undisclosed) and $20 million “free cash”. Crypto users perceived this move in different ways. Some speculated that it was an April Fool’s Day prank, while others viewed it as a means for Sun to gain more Twitter followers.

As if things could not get any worse, the announcement of the Tesla winner became controversial. Sun posted the winner on Twitter on 28 March to be user @uzgaroth. But he soon deleted the tweet and took down the supposed video of the draw.

Reports pointed out the “glitch” in the video, as well as data showing inaccurate activities that both lead users to question the authenticity of the giveaway. Justin Sun then announced a new Tesla winner on 29 March via a live Twitter video.

#4 TRON-backed USDT Stablecoin

Tether will soon join the TRON blockchain. This move will bring the following results to TRON:

  • Improve dApps ecosystem
  • Improve overall value storage
  • Increase Decentralized Exchange (DEX) liquidity
  • Give access to enterprise-level partners and institutional investors

The TRON-backed USDT stablecoins are expect to launch in Q2 2019.

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#5  Educational Event Series

TRON Foundation shared earlier this month its plans of hosting The Education Event Series, whose goal is to help more people learn and know about cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

The Foundation will go to University of California, Davis on 11 April to educate students about smart contracts and the process of building dApps on the blockchain, with these topics:

  • How to start your own decentralized app project
  • How to build a smart contract on the blockchain
  • How to successfully lead an engineering team

The first meetup was in San Francisco on 7 March.

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