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Kraken Accused of Market Manipulation, Among Others, on Calvin Ayre’s Twitter Outburst

On a number of tweets, Bitcoin SV supporter CoinGeek's Calvin Ayre alleged that crypto exchange platform Kraken was named in an US-led investigation.

Many observers in the online cryptocurrency community agreed that the ongoing Bitcoin Cash hash war has brought the worst among the two arguing parties—Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV.

This time, it was Calvin Ayre’s turn to throw mud at others, and he chose to aim it at Kraken.

A series of outbursts by the CoinGeek owner on his Twitter account revealed several digs toward the crypto exchange platform.

Ayre claimed that Kraken—among other huge names in the industry—was involved in an investigation led by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which initiated many probes into cryptos and exchanges during the previous months.

He also accused Kraken of market manipulation, in particular with how the exchange handled the distribution of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) generated by the Bitcoin SV chain that Ayre supports.

Kraken’s name was involved earlier in the possible manipulation of Bitcoin prices (BTC) through the stablecoin Tether (USDT), an issue US prosecutors are reportedly currently investigating.

Without hard evidence presented by Ayre—despite his promise to release pertinent documents—many have dismissed his accusations, with some suggesting the entrepreneur was only resentful at the exchange.

Earlier, Kraken chose to award the BCH ticker to the Bitcoin Cash of Bitcoin ABC and not to Ayre’s Bitcoin SV.

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