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Ivyn: Multiple Crypto Solutions Merged into One

Ivyn is a blockchain project that aims to make cryptos accessible to as many customers possible. Know more about its Bitcoin and Ether-compatible app here.

Ivyn is blockchain project that aims to build an ecosystem capable of providing its users with different and meaningful ways of using cryptocurrencies in just a single platform.

Based on data from multiple tracking websites, Ivyn sold more than US$302,000 worth of IVYN—the project’s Ethereum-based ERC-20 token—during an initial coin offering (ICO) held on June and July 2018.

Transactions Too Long for Just a Coffee

Ever since its introduction into the world through Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin (BTC), cryptos have proven to bring numerous benefits to the financial sector that traditional fiat currencies could not deliver.

Some of these benefits include the absence of an intermediary and the fees associated with it, as well as the anonymity of transactions.

At first, not everyone enjoyed the advantages of using cryptos as payment.

Transactions involving Bitcoin—the pioneer decentralized crypto and, by far, the market leader—takes around 10 minutes before miners could verify and record them on the public blockchain.

This might not have affected those dealing with huge money deals. But the delay initially proved to be a turn-off for businesses involved in quick, day-to-day transactions like coffee shops and convenience stores.

Years later, technological advances have finally made instant Bitcoin transactions possible. These pushed the doors wide open for merchants and businesses to accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as ways to pay for goods and services.

And with its services, Ivyn aims to bring cryptos closer to everyday consumers.

All-In-One Solutions

ivyn-additionalOne of the main products Ivyn currently has is the Ivyn Digital Currency, a mobile application that “makes using [Bitcoin] and [Ether] as simple and seamless as possible.”

Through this all-in-one app, customers of many merchants that have integrated the Ivyn Digital Currency API (application programming interface) on their businesses can have the benefit of using digital coins as payment.

Some of the app’s rewarding features are as follows:

1| Instant Crypto Transfers

Ivyn DC app users can transfer either Bitcoin or Ether (ETH) to other crypto addresses instantly.

2| Online and Offline Crypto Payments

Customers can utilize the mobile app to instantly pay for merchandise and other resources using Bitcoin and Ether. For land-based establishments, app users can simply show the QR code to an Ivyn payment terminal to conduct the transaction. Meanwhile, users can simply copy on their devices a code on online shops.

3| Crypto Wallets

The Ivyn Digital Currency app serves as storage for the owner’s digital coins. In just a single account, an app user can manage both their Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings.

4| Crypto Conversion

App owners can also convert their Bitcoin into Ether on Ivyn Digital Currency. The other way around is also possible.

5| Lost Wallet Recovery

Ivyn Digital Currency allows its users to recover their lost wallets through a Security Center Support, which also protects the accounts from malicious and unauthorized entry.

With these and many other services promised on the roadmap—IvynEvent, IvynMiningCloud, and Ivyn Advice, to name a few—the Ivyn Project hopes to make the use of cryptos on everyday transactions as convenient as using the US dollar, the euro, and other fiat currencies.


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