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DigitalX: Assistance for ICO, Cryptos, and Blockchain Companies

DigitalX is an advisory firm that provides mainly consultations and analysis to startups launching ICOs and to crypto and blockchain-related companies.

DigitalX is an advisory firm offering consultation services to companies related to blockchain and to projects planning to launch their own initial coin offering (ICO).

The company was founded in 2014 as an Australian Bitcoin mining and trading startup under the name Digital CC. Now, DigitalX’s development team holds office not just in the Australian city of Perth but also in New York.

Throughout the years, DigitalX earned the trust of some of the biggest ICOs in the sector, including Bankera, EtherParty, and Power Ledger, to name a few. In addition, DigitalX’s blockchain remittance application AirPocket received an award at the 2017 RemTECH Awards in New York

Helping Hand in a Growing Industry

The cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been growing ever since the genesis block of Bitcoin (BTC), the first-ever practical application of both ideas. With Bitcoin’s potential of disrupting the current global financial infrastructure, many companies have entered the upcoming sector.

While virtually anyone can venture into the crypto and blockchain businesses, flourishing on these fields is another story. To offer startups a better chance of succeeding, advisory firms have propped up to provide answers to questions regarding financial and technical matters.

ICO and Blockchain-Related Services

digitalx-additional1DigitalX consultations focus mainly on blockchain and cryptos.

First, DigitalX supports projects in launching their initial coin offerings through different kinds of services offered by the firm, with the help of Australian cryptocurrency group Blockchain Global. Here are the following services under this field:

  • Corporate and Investment Advisory – DigitalX helps projects in structuring their token sale, among others. In addition, projects get the chance to introduce their ICOs to a number of interested investors under DigitalX and Blockchain Global’s wide network.
  • Technical Consultations – DigitalX also advises projects on the economic structure of their tokens, the whitepaper explaining the ICO, the technical security of the blockchain, and the smart contracts.
  • Marketing – DigitalX provides projects that aid in marketing their ICOs to potential investors. With the help of the firm’s media partners, DigitalX’s clients can expect assistance in creating different promotion tools fit for the target audience.

digitalx-additional2In addition to ICOs, DigitalX extends a helping hand to crypto and blockchain-related companies, drawing the necessary knowledge from the firm’s half a decade of existence in the scene. Here are some of the available services:

  • Blockchain Analysis – DigitalX reviews not only the technical infrastructure but also the financial model of companies. The firm then provides blockchain-related recommendations that could potentially improve the clients’ businesses.
  • Product Development – Apart from imparting advice, DigitalX—through its tech development team—offers blockchain products that suit the clients’ needs. The firm also manages the stability and integrity of these blockchain applications in a long period.

A Better ICO and Blockchain Sector

DigitalX’s CEO Leigh Travers once said that, as the scene matures, the people would want “high quality ICOs” to put their money on. With experienced members behind the firm, DigitalX aims to help its clients—from startups with ICOs to companies utilizing blockchain technology—in achieving their own goals.


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