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AirdropRating: The Answer to Every Crypto Enthusiast’s Prayer

Airdroprating is the valuable tool for crypto enthusiasts who want easy and organized access to airdrop data, and it comes with more benefits.

Do Bounty Tokens or Airdrops emails that flood your inbox leave you confused? Do you spend long hours digging information that is scattered across airdrop websites or platforms like Reddit, Bitcoin Talk, Facebook or Telegram?

Apart from the fact that doing it is time-consuming, it does not even let you access the airdrop data in an organized manner. This is what makes a valuable tool for crypto enthusiasts.

Airdroprating receive free crypto


How does Airdroprating work?

They Organize

On Airdroprating, they build a highly organized list that can be accessed on their website and by following their social media channels. They bring across fresh updates on latest airdrops and giveaways, making it easy for you to pick and choose the Airdrops to join.

They Rate

Evaluating the Airdrops on the factors that really matter in the industry, they extensively dig through their Whitepaper to analyze the potential of the project. They work to recognize the hype and risk score to RATE an Airdrop. The work they do makes it easy for you to decide the Airdrop that is legit enough to join.

It keeps you away from the scams!

They Advertise

They are there to help both blockchain projects and enthusiasts flourish. Extending their services to legit blockchain projects, they publish and promote the ongoing airdrop campaign. Using their services, you reach out to user base spread out across website, Affiliate networks, and Social Media groups.

They review their project in an impressive fashion and put it across to more airdrop and bounty hunters.

Why should you choose Airdroprating?

Offering for Airdrop Hunters

Participating in an Airdrop bootstrap you to potential blockchain projects for free. When you choose to join these airdrops via, you are not on your own to decide which projects hold potential.

They educate you to evaluate the Airdrops for FREE!

Working with a team of subject matter experts who know how the market works, has set parameters to RATE the Airdrops. With us, you gain access to expert evaluation for no cost.

Token Values

They evaluate the value of tokens you will receive in USD.

The process of joining the airdrop

They tip you on the process to join the Airdrops and help you make well-informed decisions.

Risk of getting scammed

The parameters they use to gauge how legit the project makes life easy for airdrop hunters and significantly reduces the risk of being scammed.

They use real-time data to give you a bottom-line conclusion on airdrops and rate them for you. It is important to consider their ratings as recommendations as they are no way associated with these projects and just offer their exhaustive views.

Advantage of

Exclusive Airdrops

They host exclusive airdrops that are managed by You get exposure to exclusive airdrops by simply following them on Twitter and Telegram.

Airdrop hunters get access to these airdrops only over the AirdropRating platform.

Premium Airdrops

Premium airdrops hosted and managed by are reviewed and verified against the highest quality standards. While these are paid promotions and reviews, they promise the stability of the company involved.

Premium airdrops are featured airdrops that pass their deep review mechanism. Currently, has 106 active airdrops and are adding more to the list.

What is

MyAidropSite makes it easy for users to start White-label solutions for Airdrop sites. With just a few clicks, users can run a token generation business from home. Any airdrop rating, exclusive or premium that gets listed on, automatically gets listed on more than 500 White-label websites.

Airdroprating make an airdrop site in minutes

How does work?

Having your own token generation business was never so easy. When you create a 100% FREE Airdrop website with them, you get access to exclusive and premium Airdrops every day. On your website, you can put your referral code so that your website visitors join these airdrops using your links.

Here’s everything you need to know about

#1 It’s Free

Without spending a single dime or providing your Credit Card information, you can start an Airdrop Site. The takes care of design, customization, hosting and management at ZERO cost.

#2 Easy-to-Manage Platform

The website created is intuitive enough to manage and use. If you wish to take control of the management and customization yourself, it is easy.

#3 Driving Traffic

With a brilliant Airdrop website, you can drive traffic to the website in any possible way as you own this website.

#4 Domain Customization

Default domain for the website will be, but you can always use your own domain without any additional costs.

#5 Customization offers a website layout that suits most of the users. The default customization includes logo and domain customization, but in case you wish to have some additional features, the team can help you achieve that. As these features are more than what the platform provides, you might have to pay the development charges. The rest, however, you can enjoy for FREE.

When you join daily airdrops, you have to join under their referral link. After you join, you should replace their referral code with yours (using their simple system). In case you do not change the referral code, their referral code will be placed by default on your website.

#6 Website Optimization

The default website template allows you to use Google Analytics and manage Meta tags of all website pages and use your own referral codes. Once you create the website, you need to replace their referral code with yours as the default referral code will be that of

#7 Ad Management

Utilizing website settings, you can manage the Ads you wish to show on your website. The Ads need to adhere to the size guidelines 728×90 and/or 300×250. They need to be submitted for review and verification. Once verified, the Ads will be displayed on your website. The takes no share from the profit generated by the Ads you post.

For an up-and-running token generating site, all you need to do is Register, Customize, and Host your site with for FREE.


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